GDC (Games Developer Conference) 2019 introduced many anticipated game announcements to audiences. One of those is from the well-known Epic Games. Last Thursday, Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney unveiled advanced features in Unreal Engine 4 during this company’s opening session at GDC this year. It is in a collaboration with a Chinese studio, Loong Entertainment, to develop a new game on mobile called Project: SU, which is planned to published by Tencent Games within 2019 in China. A specific release date is not yet announced. It is stated that “production team is searching out new breakthroughs in mobile MMORPGs, striving to bring a better gaming experience to all players”.

Epic Games partners with Loong Entertainment to create a new game: Project: SU

Project: SU uses Unreal Engine 4 incorporated with new technologies such as GPU particle effects, dynamic lighting, PBR rendering as well as global illumination to deliver the best experience possible to players. The graphics quality in Project: SU mobile game is expectedly upgraded a lot by these improvements, which may be nearly AAA games on PC standard. The new game also allows players to move unlimitedly in an open world.

Project: SU is complimented a lot for its design of game scenes and landscape

Project: SU is an adapted mobile game from one of China’s popular novels, which tells about an endless war among Dragons, humans, and half-bloods. This game is affected by cultural materials from China (naturally), Japanese as well as Western, so it creates a fantastical environment combining both magical and realistic elements for exploration. Players have a chance to nourish their devotions and wrangle in nightclubs or bars set up in contemporary cosmopolitan styles. Players can make their own transports and take part in a breathtaking automobile race, which would be a stunning memory.

In GDC this year, Epic Games introduced Project: SU’s cinematic trailer on display with its type of highly free-form sandbox gameplay, which has gained huge attention from audiences. The free-form sandbox gameplay often seen in triple-A games on PC yet seldom appears on mobile is present, which surprised attendees in Project: SU.

Project: SU trailer at GDC

The game design is so awesome that it enables every NPC to own a different identity and intelligence level in a “realistic social ecology”, which means that the game can process all of the customized personalities of each player. NPCs can have interaction with players literally through many emotional behaviors, and they can help players develop suitable strategies when fighting, exploring and racing.

Project: SU was open for trial playing during GDC 2019 where attendees could get their first experience with the game.

Project: SU is an open world sandbox giving player full freedom of movement to explore a “Real World”

As seen at GDC 2019, Project: SU’s trailer showed off its high-quality design of characters, from what they wear to how the landscape looks like. A small but unique experience in the game is a weather system. It can provoke atmospheric conditions from the real world to the game and time follows a cycle of day to night.

Project: SU is complimented a lot for its design of game scenes and landscape. Every single element combines perfectly to create an overwhelming experience. The game use of light as a huge part of depicting the general atmosphere, rendering the real world with realistic effects (light and shadow) and color temperature. Players can change lighting mode and shadow as they want by the global illumination technology, which integrates dynamic light module changing shadow in different terrains. With Epic Games in the loop, we can assume that Project: SU won't disappoint visually so continue following us for updates.