It is still somewhat bizarre when it comes to the unlikely combination between Funko Pop and Gears of War. For those who find these name unfamiliar: Funko Pop is a widely popular toyline whereas Gears of War is an ultra violent shooter of Microsoft. However, Gears POP! has eventually made it to the mobile stores. Starting from now, you can pre-order this game.

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You can now Pre-order Gears POP!

Gears POP! is a PvP battle game that features the iconic heroes and villains from Gears of War. They would appear in Funko form, of course. Heroes such as Dominic Santiago or Marcus Fenix will take part in the fight as soldiers. They will go to the battlefield to prevent the enemy from destroying your base!

And of course, not under any kind of circumstances can we leave out nefarious Locust, the main villains in the entire series of Gears of War. They are available as playable characters in Gears POP! as well, so players are free to utilize their creativity and build up their own deployment squad exactly how they want to.

Mix and match the heroes with the villains, gather a whole team with only heroes or build up a full villain squad, it all depends on you. But keep in mind that being able to dominate in these fast paced PvP battles is not easy. Therefore, You must assemble your squad carefully since you would need all the help you can get.

First Gears Pop Gameplay Revealed 9suy
You can build up your team however you want in Gears POP!

This game plays similarly to the usual PvP tower defense games. Both sides will get one lane where they can send their units down. The one player who breaks through the defenses of the other’s and tear their base down first wins. Hence, be sure that you are doing your best.

Gears POP! will be available starting on the 2nd of September, 2019. But it is now in its pre-order/registration phase on Google Play Store and App Store.