PUBG Mobile comes with a huge variety of weapons that players could gather on their journey on all 4 maps. While players can use every gun in the game to win, those weapons are definitely not created equal - some are way weaker than others. For example, if you are facing an opponent with the M416 with a shotgun, the odds would be stacked heavily against your survival. In this list, we would list out some of the guns that are considered the worst of their own class.

Pubg Weapons En 1
PUBG has a robust arsenal of weapons - there are enough choices for every playstyle

5 - Honorable Mentions

Before the list, here are some honorable mentions: the whole Pistol class. With PUBG Mobile allowing players to carry 2 primary weapons, there is no need for a pistol, unlike other games in which you are only allowed to carry one. The Pistol class has low range, low damage per second, low everything. If you want to win, it is in your best interest to avoid this one like the plague.

While pistols are very important in other FPS games, they are next to useless in PUBG Mobile

The shotgun class can be part of this as well, however, those guns actually have some areas that they excel at. And the fact that PUBG allows 2 primary weapons actually played in the guns' advantage - you can still use the shotgun for close range while carrying an assault rifle to deal with the rest of the threats.

4 - Tommy Gun

The Tommy Gun is probably the weakest SMG in the game - it is more of a unique "flavor" weapon added to the map. It fits the overall theme of the location and looks pretty, but is overall very cumbersome to use. The gun lacks weapon sight, can't be fitted with many attachments and its bullet speed is super slow - all fatal weaknesses for the SMG class, which is supposed to be easy to mod and spray. The only thing that this gun has going is its high magazine count - it was formerly a care packages item because of that.

tommy gun
While the Tommy Gun looks cool, it is super cumbersome to use and can screw up your chances of getting a chicken dinner


This gun, due to the lack of scope, would blind you when aiming down with its muzzle flash and iron sights. While hip-firing with the thing is pretty decent due to its big magazine, the slow bullet speed means that your opponent would be able to kill you first. Because of these two aspects, you have to get rather close to your enemies for the gun to overcome this weakness, which is not always an easy thing to do. All other SMGs would outclass the Tommy Gun in any aspect.

3 - AK 47 Mutant

The AK 47 Mutant is probably the weakest weapon in its class. The slower bullet speed coupled with the lack of full-auto definitely has cut down the only advantage that an AK would usually have over other ARs. The gun comes with all the disadvantages of an AK like the high recoil and lower range - and now it has to deal with even more restrictions. You have to fit the Mutant with a huge number of attachments for it to reach the passable level of control.

Beryl Pubg
The Mutant is really hard to use it PUBG Mobile due to its two-shot burst fire mode, which requires pinpoint accuracy. The slow bullet speed and low range do not really help either.


Due to the gun's two-shot burst fire mode and lower range, you are usually forced into medium-range combat, as a gun without full auto would be just a deadweight in close quarters. The 100-150 meter range is the limit here, as any other assault rifle would be able to outclass it in 150+ meters. Unless you are hitting every shot, any gun would be able to out damage a Mutant user with sheer spray. At least the gun has customizable potential with attachments.

2 - VSS

The only DMR-like attribute of the VSS is that the gun takes DMR/AR attachments and has 4 times reticles. Its bullet speed and effective range is SMG class, however. This gun is not actually weak - it is just the weakest one in the strong DMR class. The VSS would probably overcome any other weapons here - it comes with a permanent scope so you would able to engage in combat right away. The gun also makes a lot less sound comparing to the usual DMRs - your enemies would have some difficulties in detecting your presence.

Playerunknowns Battlegrounds Vss Sniper Rifle Feat
The VSS is actually a decent DMR, it is just that other DMRs in its class outshined the thing greatly.


VSS's biggest weakness is its lack of versatility. The permanent 4 times reticles meant that it would suck at close range combat unless you can spray decently - and it would not work as well in a sniper battle either.

1 - Winchester 94

Out of all weapons in the sniper rifle class, the Winchester is probably the weakest. It is a "unique weapon" similar to the Tommy Gun. It is an archaic hunting rifle and can only take one attachment - the bullet loops. Other drawbacks include slow reload speed, rare ammo type, slow rate of fire and lastly... no sights.

The Winchester is probably the worst weapon in PUBG Mobile - it is an archaic weapon that you should only use for style points.


The lack of sights makes any engagement other than close-medium range impossible. ADS is a must due to its extremely low rate of fire and reload speed - every bullet counts. However, even if you managed to hit once with the gun, it is better to just pull out your other guns to finish off your enemy, as it would take less time than reloading the Winchester for a second shot. It is best to ditch this gun as fast as possible.

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