HandyGames, the developer behind the well-known tactical adventure series This is the Police, is now returning with Rebel Cops, a spinoff of that series. This one will cut out all the management aspects of its predecessors and instead will focus completely on the tactical turn-based missions. The game already launched for PC and PS4 back in September, but now it's making its way to the mobile platform as well. Check out its trailer below:

The setting of Rebel Cops takes place in a town called Ripton, where the law is apparently not doing its job and corrupted officials are blatantly accepting bribes. A group of rebels have decided to take matters into their own hands and are now standing up against the criminal power that’s controlling the town. It’s up to you to help them on their quest.

Of course, being an unauthorized group of vigilantes, you'll be working with extremely limited resources – manpower included. As a result, stealth will crucial if you want to succeed in the many missions that the game will throw at you. If you are spotted by enemies, they’ll immediately raise the alarm, so you have to calculate your approach carefully. On top of that, your team members can be killed with one single shot (unless you can save them in time), so yeah, as you can see, this is by no means an easy game.

Rebel Cops Stealth C4ab_wm
Stealth will be crucial in Rebel Cops

Missions can range from small operations in a single building to big ones that span across huge environments. Along the way, you can collect various weapons and other equipment, which will no doubt prove useful down the line.

Additionally, some townspeople might offer side missions that you can complete for extra rewards. That said, there will be moral dilemmas here too: Sometimes helping them will put your current mission at risk, so you must choose whether you’re willing to accept that risk or just leave them to their own devices.

Rebel Cops Environments 0374_wm
Missions can take place in both closed-off buildings and open environments

Rebel Cops is set to hit both Google Play and the App Store in the near future, though no exact release date has been confirmed at the moment. It’s confirmed to be a premium title, but the price is not specified yet either. Stay tuned for more updates!