Police Stories is all about playing a cop. Here you get to crash buildings, stop crimes, rescue hostages, and arrest bad guys. You and your partner Rick will engage in various missions to save the city.

Top-down perspective

Police Stories is a top-down shooter game which heavily relies on tactics. When approaching a building or a gang hideout, you can never be sure what you will find here. Behaviors of criminals change in every run and you need to make a split-second decision every time. Will you shoot the criminal to death or keep them in check?

Sometimes, shooting isn’t the only way to solve everything. Sometimes, you have to show mercy and just handcuff the bad guys, let the court do the justice. In dangerous situations, you can use various utilities to help with controlling the situation. There are even smoke or stunning grenades to help you approach a criminal better.

Police Stories 01
Sometimes, killing is not the only option, you have to keep them alive and get information

What is available in Police Stories?

You can make use of the Surrender System to apprehend the suspects without violence. Just fire off a warning shot near them to make them submit. Defeating the criminal can be an effective way to handcuff him without further resistance.

In the game, you can even give commands to your fellow Rick Jones who keeps you a company all these times. He may prove to be useful in many crucial situations.

Police Stories 02
Explore various locations and solve the turmoil here

Each stage will be different every time with randomly placed criminal, random hostages and evidence. You have to act on the situation and make the best decision. This makes each run unique and fresh, leading to a better gaming experience.

As a server of justice, you will get to use many high-end police gears such as surveillance cameras, door blast charges, and many more equipments.

Police Stories 03
You can use various equipment to help during your mission

Going against all kind of criminal from common thief to organized gang or even terrorists. Each target has different behavior and weapons, requiring a different approach each time.

All your actions are scored in real-time. Playing aggressively won't get you a high enough result to start the next mission - so keep that in mind!

Police Stories 04
Play with a friend to show you are truly buddies in crime (solving)

Co-op mode: Complete mission together with a friend for better experience and fun.

Police Stories has come out on Steam at an affordable price of $14. However, the game is on sale with a 10% discount. Go grab the fun top-down strategic game and experience the thrilling story of being a cop.