“This is the Police” is a strange series. Originally, it was a strategy simulator, with you controls the corrupt cops in a small town. While the whole premise does have some interesting ideas, it hasn’t been able to expand on those concepts any further.

Rc Keyart
Only a few cops against the whole gang

The sequel added some XCOM style turn-based tactical combat to change things up – and with its success, developer Weappy is putting his all into the spinoff game Rebel Cops, with only the combat aspect.

The premise of Rebel Cops is still about corrupted cops ruling a small town, however, the game begins after that process is already completed. The mob has taken control of everything, with the police working as their private attack dogs. You, along with a few of your compatriots, have escaped underground, actively rebel against current management. In the course of the game, you will be dispensing your own brand of justice over the criminals, in order to try to remove the grips that they have over the local populace.

A lot of customization can be done

The story will be weaved into the gameplay mission – and they are built based on turn-based tactical combat and stealth. There would be optional side missions that the players could pursue, in order to reap in the extra rewards. Weappy warned that there will not be any HP in this game, as the characters would just bleed out if shot. Realism is amplified even more, with the headshot mechanic – if your character somehow getting shot in the head, he would die instantly and you would get a game over. As the game is very unforgiving, some serious calculation would be required.

Stealth focussed combat - with lines of sight

The game does not seem to be a wholly different experience comparing to This Is the Police 2 – it might as well be an improved version, with more focus on the good parts. Weappy has probably learned from the less than stellar reception of This Is the Police 2 and with that, Rebel Cops won’t fall into the same trap. The game will come out on the seventeenth of September, on Steam and GOG.

The previous game in the series, This Is the Police 2, has also been covered by our page. You can check that out on this link.