Many people of us have been ruining our relationship through Werewolf (or Mafia) games without even knowing the narrative. That's why the background story of the game is an abundant land for developers to take advantages and create their contents. That's the exact concept of Raging Loop!

Raging Loop is a visual novel game that tells the story of an abandoned village with Wolves killing one person every night. Hence, as a self-titled detective, you'll have to find them out to protect the people.

Here's the trailer of the game, and you should give it a look to catch the eerie vibes:

The story of Raging Loop

As the title of the game, Raging Loop is a game in which every day is a deadly loop that will make you rage! You'll head into the eerie Japanese town of Yasumizu. The town is always filled with heavy mist, stopping every one inside from escaping.

Raging Loop Is Basically A Werewolf Game In Visual
The Ancient gods have haunted this village

What's even more terrifying is the Ancient gods that have abandoned the village has come back to hunt down the villagers. Every day, there will be one person dying, and you'll have to find clues while staying alive to get out of this village.

Gameplay's explanation

The wicked Ancient gods will not let blood on their hands, so every day, a villager will receive their power and do the killing for them. However, not every god is evil, as there will be some standing on the side of the villager, protect them from their death.

Raging Loop Is Basically A Werewolf Game In Visual
Not every god wants to kill their villagers

There're totally five gods including both the good ones and bad ones. They'll grant their power to several people, and here's the list:

- The Wolves bite one villager every day

- The Snake can check whether one is a Human or a Wolf

- The Spider can protect one villager from the Wolf

- The two Monkeys know the identity of the other

- The Crow eats one's dead body to find out whether they're a Wolf or a Human

Raging Loop Is Basically A Werewolf Game In Visual
The picture of the role if you plan to make a boardgame

However, this is a single-player light novel game, so you'll have to unravel the secret on your own. You'll take control of Haruaki Fusaishi - an unfortunate youngster end up getting into the village. Every day is a horrifying loop for him, as he doesn't know he can survive until the next morning or not.

Raging Loop Is Basically A Werewolf Game In Visual
Meet's Haruaki Fusaishi - the protagonist in this game

As a result, he'll have to use all of his information and knowledge to get out of this situation. The game features choice-driven mechanics, but you still can rewind your decision to find out the real motivation of every NPC in the game.

Release date

Raging Loop is coming for PC on December 5 through Steam. PlayStation 4 and Switch will receive the game at later date, and there will be both physical and digital version.