Surely visual novel fans will be very excited if they know that the publisher PQube is about to release a psychological horror visual novel, 'Raging Loop'. Thereby, this thriller will be out physically & digitally on 18th October in Europe and 22nd October for North America on both PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

You can also receive the Day One Edition if you do preorder the game now. It is a beautiful 100-page art book which features the illustrations & concept art of the games and additional info about the characters.

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Raging Loop - An amazingly psychological horror visual novel.

The game's story is set in a small village, Yasumiz . You will play as the main character who named Haruaki Fusaishi Here are details:

Haruaki is a graduate student. With his broken & unfixable motorbike at that time, he heads out to ask someone for help. And he finds a girl sitting near a river. She invites him to visit her small village, Yasumizu.

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The game's story centers around Haruaki Fusaishi and the village in the mountainous region, Yasumizu.

Haruaki decides to stay overnight in this settlement & meets other villagers here. This place is rumored with dead people walking around at night, which make him feel unwelcome. He wants to leave immediately that evening. However, a strangely heavy mist quickly covers the village and stops all people from leaving, including Haruaki. 

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All people have to do everything to escape from the danger.

 In this situation, the villagers tell Haruaki to lock himself up and advise him not to come out under any circumstances. In the next morning, the villagers found two corpses. It means that the Feast already began. 

In the past, the mountain nearby the settlement was the home of five beast guardians. The only hope to survive of the villagers is inheriting the power of these guardians.