This is the Police was an indie simulation adventure game originally released on PC back in 2016 and was highly praised for its captivating story and beautiful soundtrack. It was ported to mobile back in December last year, and now its sequel This is the Police 2 is also hitting Google Play and the App Store very soon.

In this game, you’ll play as Lilly Reed, head of the Police department in an isolated town called Sharpwood. Being a small border town in a snowy mountainous region, it has become a haven for many shady individuals, and now it is up to you to help Reed maintain order.

This is the Police 2 Mobile Trailer

In term of gameplay, this is a title that cannot really be classified into one specific genre. There’s a bit of management simulation here as you need to supervise your subordinates and try to balance out their different strengths and weaknesses to maximize the potential of the team. Sometimes you must also interrogate witnesses and suspects and collect evidence to figure out who is the culprit behind a crime.

This Is The Police 2 1
You'll become the sheriff of a small town in a snowy mountainous area

You can’t always peacefully resolve the problems, though. There will be several missions in which you must take your best men into turn-based battles to take out the criminals – by lethal means if necessary.  Your men can also be killed by just one single gunshot as well, so you need to be extremely careful during these missions.

If you mess up any step in the aforementioned process, it can lead to major consequences on the story. You can have the wrong person in jail while the actual lawbreaker escapes, or have your team suffer unnecessary casualties due to your carelessness. The sheer number of different scenarios available is just massive.

This Is The Police 2 3
Take your team into turn-based battles against the criminals

If all that sounds like something you want to be a part of, you can head over to Google Play or the App Store to pre-register for This is the Police 2 right now. Doing so will set you back £6.99 (Rs 600), and according to the listing on the App Store, it will arrive on the 12th of September.