PUBG Mobile gives Indian players a chance to get free UCs and other attractive rewards in the India Bonus Challenge. You can join this challenge, win battle coins, and redeem UCs or other favorite items. Check out the top 3 tips and tricks to win the challenge and get free UCs.

Get Free Vouchers For India Bonus Challenge

Firstly, you need enough free vouchers to join the challenge. Players can get these vouchers for free every week. In the Event Page, you go to the Weekly Report Section, tab on Go to go to the S13 Weekly Report Page. Then, you roll to the end of the page and claim three free Bonus Challenge Vouchers. Moreover, players can get further rewards in the S13 Weekly Report.

Bonus Challenge Vouchers
Bonus Challenge Vouchers

Play Classic Erangel For More Battle Coins

You can earn the battle coins when playing PUBG Mobile TDM Warehouse or Classic Erangel. But it makes a lot of players confused when choosing between the two modes. Our advice is that you should play classic matches on the Erangel map to earn more battle coins than in the TDM Warehouse matches. With more Battle points, you can redeem more UCs to join lucky spins, open crates, or buy exclusive rewards.

Play Classical Erangel Mode To Get More Point
Play Classical Erangel Mode To Get More Points

Places To Land

Another tip to win the bonus challenge and get free PUBG Mobile UCs is choosing the right place to land on. Once you decided to choose the Classic Erangel map to play, you need to choose where to land, too. If you have great skills and play like a pro player, you should land on hot drop locations to make more kills. These kill points are also included in the total Battle points you get after the match.

Choose The Right Place To Land On
Choose The Right Place To Land On

But if you are not confident in your skills or do not have a good device and mobile data, you should land on safer places. Then, try to survive and get a high position in the match to get more match points.