Energy recharge or ER is probably the most important stat for supports in your party, as they need to spam their abilities fast before switching out. In an ideal team, your support characters should have their Bursts available as soon as they are off cooldown. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the best tips and tricks for high energy recharge in Genshin Impact.

There are a lot of ways players can generate Energy in Genshin Impact, including performing a character’s elemental skill, injuring and killing enemies, normal and charged attacks, and passives from some weapons character constellations or passive talents as well as artifact sets.

1. Using An Elemental Skill

When performing a character’s elemental skill, a certain amount of elemental particles are generated. These particles are always element-specific and correspond to the element of that character. The number of particles generated varies.

Yae Miko Elemental Skill
Gain energy by damaging enemies with your elemental skill

It is important to note that simply spamming your skill will not generate any energy. Players must damage enemies with their skills to generate energy. It is best to use your elemental skill near enemies to collect energy particles.

2. HP Threshold

The second way to get energy is through injuring and killing enemies. Particles are generated at different hp thresholds and upon being killed.

You can take advantage of this if you’re close to getting your characters burst and can easily kill an enemy nearby. Killing off large mobs of enemies would always generate more energy than when you’re fighting a single enemy.

3. Normal/Charged Attacks

Normal and charged attacks do generate some energy, but only a very small amount. Particles are not generated and only the character performing the attack will gain energy.

Ganyu Charged Shot
Just attacking normally can generate some energy.

This mechanic allows the main DPS character to ignore energy regeneration and focus on more important stats. Usually, they are on the field hitting enemies with normal and charged attacks.

4. Passives from gear and skills

Players can get energy from passives of weapons, character constellations, and artifact sets.

For example, all Favonius weapons have a passive that gives free energy for the user on a critical hit. Overall, the passive on these weapons are only useful if their users have a decent crit rate. Alternatively, bow users can just aim for weak spots to get an automatic crit.

Additionally, Sacrificial weapons indirectly increase Energy recharge by refreshing elemental skill cooldown. Players can regain energy by casting their elemental skill again. There are a lot of other passives with ER bonus besides these 2.

5. Energy Recharge Stat

Energy recharge stat increases the amount of energy regenerated from a given number of particles collected. Players can increase this stat by using certain weapons and artifacts. Some characters need this stat to be effective and access their burst more often.

Genshin Impact Energy Recharge
Players need to build energy recharge for support characters..

Somewhere between 150 and 200 energy recharge is usually optimal for support units. The exact number is based on your team and build, which require trials and error.

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