Mobile gaming is an ideal platform for puzzle games, and they constitute some of the top games available on Android. Consequently, the number of puzzle games available for Android is quite vast. However, if you desire high-quality games that are not overloaded with unsavory monetization schemes, you may need to conduct some thorough research on your preferred Android device.

Therefore, in this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 10 best puzzle games on Android to try out in 2023.

1. Baba Is You

Baba Is You is a unique take on the traditional Sokoban puzzle game, where the use of cryptic words is the key to solving each puzzle. By combining certain words, you can unlock new abilities and areas. However, the puzzles are challenging, and finding the solution is the ultimate reward. Despite being a short game, taking only 7 hours to complete, Baba Is You is one of the best puzzle games available, making it an excellent choice to include in any puzzle game roundup.

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Baba Is You

2. Path of Giants

In the refined puzzle game Path of Giants, you control three characters, each of them has a special ability that helps you move through the levels. With each stage you finish, the problems get harder, and you'll need to use each character's unique skills to solve them. The game is excellent for fast gaming sessions during downtime because it has gorgeous graphics and interesting gameplay.

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Path of Giants

3. Gorogoa

While sliding tile puzzle games are often perceived as simplistic, Gorogoa is a unique exception. Though sliding tiles is a significant component of the gameplay, the game surpasses such simplicity due to its stunning art and abstract puzzle solutions. Its abstract nature makes it comparable to a video game created by Salvador Dali. Despite having a short duration of only two hours, Gorogoa is an immersive experience that is not to be missed.


4. Hidden Through Time

Hidden Through Time is an impressive hidden object game that features attractive art, charming animations, and entertaining gameplay. Most of your time will be spent decoding clues to locate all the hidden objects in each level. The levels are beautifully animated, making it easy to spend hours scouring the screen for every hidden item. If you're a fan of games such as Hidden Folks but desire a more vibrant and colorful experience, then Hidden Through Time is an ideal game for you.

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Hidden Through Time

5. Golf Peaks

Golf Peaks may have the appearance of a game of miniature golf, but it is actually a puzzle game, which is why it is on the list today. Over 120 stages across ten different planets make up the game. The game is a logic-based puzzler where movement is made possible by cards, and you must determine which cards will allow you to guide your ball into the hole.

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Golf Peaks

6. Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks is an elegant hidden object game that provides both visual and gaming pleasure. The game's art is meticulously hand-drawn and comprises pen and ink designs in black and white. The game involves the search for a specific person hidden in each drawing, similar to the concept of a Where's Waldo book. However, this task is challenging because you must move and manipulate objects in each environment to uncover these hidden characters. Hidden Folks stands out from many other hidden object games on the Play Store by offering a highly interactive experience that is greatly enhanced by its captivating art style.

Hidden Folks
Hidden Folks

7. Bridge Constructor Portal

Headup's Bridge Constructor franchise has had multiple iterations on mobile devices, featuring diverse themes that merge different gameplay mechanics with classic bridge-building gameplay.

Bridge Constructor Portal, which combines the traditional Portal gameplay with bridge-construction principles to provide an exhilarating experience of solving puzzles with portals, is one of the most well-known and creative iterations of the series. After finishing the main game, additional DLC is available for $2 and adds even more content to this premium game, which you can purchase for $5. You may complete a huge number of puzzles at a low cost because the main campaign lasts 13 hours and the DLC expands the game.

Bcportal Screen 03 1
Bridge Constructor Portal

8. Mekorama

Mekorama is a puzzle-platformer game that takes cues from Monument Valley, among other similar titles. While it may be influenced by these games, it's not a bad thing since they are already great games. Mekorama is filled with amusing characters and jokes, just like its inspirations. One unique feature of the game is the option to pay what you want to unlock the full version, which is a user-friendly feature added by the developer.

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9. Zenge

A engaging story that explores the notions of time and space is added to the visually stunning game Zenge to create a soothing experience. The game's puzzle mechanics are also fun, and since there's no need to beat the clock or get a high score, you can take your time working through each piece.

Zenge Android App Deals

10. Shadowmatic

Although Shadowmatic arrived on Android later than expected, its attractive visuals make up for the delay. Gameplay is straightforward; you just rotate and tilt various 3D objects to create a shadow that matches the target shape of each puzzle. The difficulty increases when more objects are added. The game's top-notch 3D graphics create a serene atmosphere that is ideal for playing for brief or extended periods of time.

Screen 2

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