Follow the below list of top 10 games if you are looking for something to relax your mind and body. Let’s begin!


There are many stressful and thrilling moments in “Firewatch”, but gamers can still catch the peace during a journey to discover the majestic natural world. You will have a chance to play the role of Henry, determine locations via maps and a compass, have a talk with NPC, as well as discover the interesting game plot. Ranked No.1 on this list, Firewatch promises to bring lots of unique experience to gamers across the world.

Firewatch Landscape



As one of the most eye-catching PC games, Abzû opens a colorful world at the bottom of the ocean, and you can enjoy swimming along with lakhs of sea creatures. Meanwhile, great deep music composed by Austin Wintory adds more beauty to your voyage. Gamers also get impressed by smooth gestures to control how a character swims or dives in the game.

Abz Diver


Stardew Valley

If you are a resident in a crowded city and work as a stressful office worker, you may at least once dream about a peaceful life in the countryside. That’s what makes the huge attraction of “Stardew Valley” - a game that stimulates a beautiful farm that helps gamers eliminate all stresses and enjoy their life day by day.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Farm

Grow Home

The colorful game produced by Ubisoft’s Reflections Studio was initially considered as a sample product to check images, but it then managed to become a standalone complete product. In spite of its silent release, Grow Home has been known as one of the best 3D platform games on PC due to its impressive climbing system and multiple levels that are designed with dizzy heights.

Grow Home

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes And Punishments

Whenever playing this adventure mystery game, gamers seem to watch a TV series. Although it is designed with heavy and obsessed murders and psychological elements, “Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments” is still a perfect choice on a lazy Sunday due to its good-looking graphics, slow gameplay, and uniquely detailed Victorian-era style.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Crimes And Punishments

No Man’s Sky

“No Man’s Sky” may be an option for those who want to relax their mind. Neglect normal gameplay, gamers should just think about enjoying space adventures, exploiting any planet, admiring landscapes, and taking photos. Choose the Creative mode to get limitless energy and resources and no need to focus on exploitation.

No Mans Sky

The Witness

Some puzzles in “The Witness” may make gamers difficult to solve but in general, this game still aims to create a peaceful and relaxing experience. Romantic and vivid environment systems and good music successfully form a majestic natural island.

The Witness

The Hunter: Call Of The Wild

Holding a huge gun and targeting a deer is an experience that not all gamers feel excited about, but following its traces in a wonderful forest in “The Hunter: Call Of The Wild” is excellent. The natural environment in this game looks so gorgeous and allows gamers to enjoy all levels of their feelings in a wild world.

The Hunter Call Of The Wild

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Let’s neglect the boring commercial aspect in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and focus more on driving! Your concerns are all removed and therefore, you can be free to discover a beautiful virtual world. During the voyage across many areas in Europe, don’t forget to turn on a radio channel to listen to all interesting tunes and keep driving carefully!

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Universe Sandbox 2

The last name on the list of top 10 games is Universe Sandbox 2 - a game that looks like a universal physic simulation software, instead of a true game. Whenever playing it, gamers can see a realistic model of a solar system and a galaxy from far away. Also, you can turn yourself into a destructive god by moving the Earth to the Sun, making hundreds of planets collapse with each other and explode in an eye blink.

Universe Sandbox 2 games