October has seen the dominance of Call of Duty: Mobile on the mobile game market. Since then, the fantastic FPS mobile game has been massive in delivering great content to fans around the world. Launched in just one month, Call of Duty: Mobile has already been ready to challenge PUBG Mobile in many markets, especially in FPS-favored markets like India.

Top 10 Mobile Games 02
Call of Duty: Mobile was a massive success in October

With that, Call of Duty has topped the download chart in October. Surprisingly, other hyper-casual games: Sand Balls, Icing on the Cake, Fun Race 3D took the next spots. Mario Kart Tour – though enjoyed a massive first-day launch – couldn’t quite keep up and ended up the 9th most downloaded game on October.

Top 10 Mobile Games 01
Call of Duty: Mobile dominated the mobile game market in October by downloads

Mobile games with most active players

Top 10 Mobile Games 03
PUBG Mobile is still without a doubt the king of mobile games

PUBG Mobile is undisputedly the king of mobile games. Even with strong competition from Call of Duty: Mobile in October, PUBG Mobile was still the mobile game with most active users. It may take a while for Call of Duty: Mobile to dethrone the current king of mobile games. Call Of Duty: Mobile stayed at 2nd in the number of active players. Candy Crush Saga, Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans were ranked next on the list.

Mobile games with most consumer spendings

Top 10 Mobile Games 04
Pay-to-win games with loot boxes often raked in more money

Surprisingly, though incredibly popular, both Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile couldn’t top the earning chart. In terms of earnings, Honor of Kings was #1 while Pokemon Go and Candy Crush Saga took the #3 and #4 position. Interestingly, regionally popular games like Monster Strike, Dragon Quest Walk, and Lineage M earned more than PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile. This was due to the nature of pay-to-win mechanics in such games. Call of Duty: Mobile was only ranked #9 on the earning list.