Mobile phone has become an integral part of our daily life. Which apps are most popular in this day and age? Here are the top 10 most downloaded mobile phone apps from July to September 2019, according to SensorTower.

Top 10 Downloaded App 02
The top 10 most downloaded mobile apps in Q9 2019, according to SensorTower

1 - Whatsapp reigned – 184 million first-time downloads

Whatsapp is the most prominent free and stable messenger app in the world, managed and developed by Facebook. Whatsapp has been the world’s most downloaded app every quarter since Q3 2016. Like every messenger service, Whatsapp provides users with a fast and secure way to communicate with pretty everyone. Interestingly, most new downloads of Whatsapp in Q3 2019 were from Google Play with around 156 million installs.

2 – TikTok takes second place – 178 million downloads

The Chinese social media video app was a craze back in its launch in 2017. Tiktok brought a fresh experience to users as it helped to create short music and lip-sync videos. It was fun and inventive at the time and attracted lots of users inside and outside of China.

Though the craze went down eventually, Tiktok remained among the top installed apps on both Appstore and Google Play. It was the most installed app on Appstore and second-highest downloaded mobile phone app overall in Q3 2019.

3-4 Messenger and Facebook  - 170 and 160 million respectively

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Messenger has become an integral part of Facebook on mobile phone

Messenger was most notably one integral part of Facebook chat. The app was required for Facebook private messenger on the mobile phone. It stands to reason that Messenger has grown well thanks to the promotion from Facebook – the most popular social network.

Meanwhile, Facebook on mobile phone was just a bit less downloaded than Messenger. The mobile version of Facebook offers fast and secure browsing sessions of the social network.

5 – Instagram – 107 million downloads

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service which is also owned by Facebook. The social network specializes in photo sharing and editing. It offers a wide range of filter with tags and location information. Coming across a good scenery? Simply share it with friends or even make a bit of adjustment before posting. The platform is most popular with female users - keen fans of beauty. Instagram was the 5th most downloaded mobile phone app in Q3 2019.

Top 6 to 10: Faceapp, Likee, SHAREit, Youtube, Snapchat

Top 10 Downloaded App 01
Mobile phone apps have been a part of our daily life

Faceapp, Likee, and SHAREit are pretty close in competition as they reached around 82 million downloads. Youtube and Snapchat took the 9th and 10th place with 70 and 68 million downloads respectively.

It is worth noting that Club Factory by Jiayun Data Limited – a rising shopping app in India has accumulated around 30 million downloads to enter the top 20 list of most downloaded apps on Google Play for the first time. The recent Club Diwali Sale on the day of Diwali festival has helped the app to become #1 popular app in India.