Each character deck contains three cards of characters. You can make use of elemental reactions and specific summons of these characters to clear the opponent’s line-up quickly. Here are the three best Genshin Impact TCG decks you can trust.

#1. Hyperbloom Deck

The first reliable character deck to build in Genius Invokation is the Hyperbloom Deck. This new elemental reaction is very powerful and devastating. Moreover, your team can obtain extra damage from Burning, Quicken, or Dendro Cores from this deck. Here are the most recommended character cards for your Hyperbloom Deck.

  • Collei is a must-have character to mark enemies with the Dendro element to allow allies to trigger powerful reactions.
  • Mona is the best Hydro character card for this character deck who is responsible for triggering the Bloom reaction.
  • Keqing or Fischl are excellent options for the final slot. The 5-star character Keqing is more powerful with AoE damage. But Fischl is also a useful character with her summoning skill.
Hyperbloom Is A Powerful Deck
Hyperbloom is a powerful deck that you can trust.

You should select Mona to trigger Hyperbloom in this deck because you can get double damage in the next attack after her elemental burst. Moreover, you don’t waste any dice to switch to another character.

Start with Mona first, switch to Collei to get the Core, and finally use the elemental skill of your Electro character for extra DMG. You should obtain these Genius Invokation TCG character cards.

Mona Deck
Try to get essential character cards.

#2. Freeze Deck

There are two ways for Genshin Impact players to build a Freeze character deck. But no matter your choice, you always need at least one Hydro and one Cryo character.

  • Option 1: One Hydro & two Cryo characters.
  • Option 2: One Hydro, one Cryo, and one Pyro character. This team can also trigger two other elemental reactions, namely, Vaporize and Melt.

Mona is still the best Hydro option for this Freeze deck. If you choose the first option, Ganyu and Ayaka are must-have Cyro characters. Both of them are powerful Cryo DPS that you can trust.

Freeze Team
Mona is a must-have character in the Freeze team.

Ganyu can summon an icy shower that can shoot all enemy characters at the end of each round. Besides, the elemental burst of Ayaka can deal AoE damage to the enemy team. You can replace Ayaka or Ganyu with Diluc or Bennett if you choose the other option.

#3. Deck Of Summons

The final deck is more flexible but you should keep Mona in your deck. She can trigger Vaporize and Electro-Charged reactions. Overload is also a powerful elemental reaction that you can build for this deck by equipping Fischl and Diluc or Bennett.

Players With Summoning Skill
Many players with summoning skills can team up with Mona

Fischl can summon an Oz to shoot an Electro arrow at all enemies at the end of each round. There are many characters with summons, such as Mona, Ayaka, Barbara, Collei, Diona, Ganyu, Xiangling, and Sucrose. You can build some teams from these characters and focus on both summons and reactions.

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