Don't hesitate to roll Kamisato Ayato if you have enough wishes. This character is more powerful and flexible in update 3.3 thanks to the insane power buff from Dendro reactions. Check out the best teams for Ayato after update 3.3.

#1. Ayato Hyperbloom

Ayato can play as the main DPS in the new Hyperbloom team. You need two Hydro characters, a Dendro supporter, and an Electro buffer.

  • Ayato is the main on-field DPS in this team.
  • Nahida can play as the Dendro DPS on-field and off-field flexibly.
  • Kuki Shinobu is the Electro buffer. She can heal teammates and charge the elemental bursts for her allies due to her Elemental Mastery stat.
  • Xingqiu can support Ayato as a sub-DPS to apply Hydro elements and charge Ayato's elemental bursts by making Hydro particles.

Ayato and Nahida are rarer than Kuki Shinobu and Xingqiu. If you cannot get Nahida, use another Dendro character, such as Tighnari, Collei, or Dendro Traveller.

Ayato Hyperbloom Team
Hyperbloom team of Ayato and Nahida.

#2. Ayato Main DPS

Kamisato Ayato is a strong Hydro DPS though Hydro is often used as a supporting element. As long as you have useful supporters, Ayato can show off his skills.

  • Yun Jin can provide a strong Geo shield to keep Ayato and her allies safe.
  • Yelan is the best Hydro supporter for Ayato on this team because she can provide Hydro elemental marks as an off-field supporter.
  • Kaedehara Kazuha can reduce the elemental resistance and buff Hydro elemental skills.

If you replace Yun Jin or Yelan with Bennett, Kazuha can also spread the Pyro element to burn more enemies and trigger the Vaporize reaction.

Ayato Plays As The Main Dps In This Team
Ayato plays as the main DPS on this team.

#3. Ayato Burgeon Team

The Burgeon team of Ayato and Nahida is more flexible. They can team up with Bennett and Kazuha or Thoma and Kokomi. In the first team, Ayato is more crucial because he is the only Hydro character.

  • Bennett can trigger the Vaporize reaction with Ayato.
  • Kazuha will spread these elemental reactions and effects.

In the second option, you have two Hydro characters to trigger the elemental reaction of Bloom.

  • Kokomi is more important than Ayato in this team because she can trigger Bloom and heal the whole team.
  • Thoma will provide Pyro to trigger Burgeon after Nahida and Ayato or Kokomi trigger Bloom.

The second team is more suitable for Spiral Abyss chambers where you have to counter dangerous bosses.

Burgeon Team Of Ayato
Burgeon Team of Ayato

#4. Mono Hydro Team

The Mono Hydro team of Ayato is very powerful and useful. Though it's called a mono Hydro team, you still need Kazuha to spread elemental skills.

  • Yelan is the off-field sub-DPS to trigger Hydro resonance.
  • Xingqiu also buffs the total output damage of this team.
  • Kazuha will reduce the elemental RES and boost the total damage.

When you release elemental bursts of these three Hydro characters at the same time, their element resonances and deals elemental DMG to enemies on the field.

Mono Hydro Team
Mono Hydro team

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