Genshin Impact will be more interesting when you can play with your in-game friends. The new card game Genius Invokation in update features the co-op mode, allowing players to play cards with real players. Check out how it works here.

Play Card Games With Friends

Many Genshin Impact players have nothing to do after having completed all weekly challenges, NPC duels, and character invitations. But Genius Invokation TCG still has the co-op mode for you to play with real players in your friend list. That sounds funny!

You won’t get any Lucky Coins or EXP to level up in this game mode when beating your friends. But it’s more interesting to test your strategies and defeat real players. This exciting experience is only available in the co-op mode unlocked after you reach level 4 in Genius Invokation TCG.

Play Co Op Mode
Play the Co-op mode.

Follow these steps to play this card game with your friends.

  • Invite online players on your friend list to visit your world or you will visit their world.
  • Teleport to the Cat's Tail.
  • Interact with the bulletin next to the NPC cat named Prince if you are the host of the world. If you are the guest, let your friend do the rest.
  • Select the Co-op Match option.
  • Tap/click on Invite Teammate.
Invite Teammates To Play Together
Invite Teammates to play together

The pop-up will appear when both of you are ready for the match. As you don't get Lucky Coins and EXP in this game mode, you cannot level up when playing with your friends. However, it's still an interesting experience that you should try.

To win your friend in the Co-op mode, you should use the strongest character cards and action cards that have countering element and reactions. For example, if your friend use a Pyro DPS, you should use a Cryo character to counter. Besides, you should have some tips to win Genius Invokation.

Play With Friends
Play with friends

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