Quick rotation and strategic movement could mean the difference between life and death in Garena Free Fire. By moving in the Play Zone quickly. players can take vantage points across the map and significantly increase their chance of winning.

However, it's not always ideal to travel far and wide on foot. You'll become moving targets for the enemies to rain fire upon. Therefore, you should look for vehicles as soon as you land on the map. And if you're playing Battle Royale mode, here are the top 3 vehicles to stay alert for!

Top 3 Vehicles To Pick Up In Free Fire Battle Royale Mode

#1 - Motorcycle

Players can easily pick up a motorcycle on the Battle Royale maps in Garena Free Fire. It's a great two-man vehicle for recon and exploration. Also, you can pass through small roads and even off-road areas. However, please note that motorcycles may run out of fuel fast. So make sure you have a spare gas can in your inventory whenever you ride a motorcycle.

Motorcycle Free Fire
Motorcycles may run out of fuel fast

Jeeps can be used for both transportations as well as killing the enemies. Their sturdy exterior makes it easy to hit opponents out and about in front of your car. But the Jeep is larger compared to most vehicles in Free Fire. That means it's prone to open fire! Stay alert or things could turn out pretty bad for your whole squad.

Jeep Free Fire Kill
Turn Your Jeep Into A Weapon Of Death

#3 - Sportscar

Sportscars Free Fire Fast
Go To The Zone In Style