Long-range flights are the ultimate test of skill in Free Fire. It is all about who can hit their shot more accurately while barely see your enemy. Today, we are going to introduce you to the top 4 tips that you need to know to master long-range fights.

1. Pick the right weapon

Not all weapons are the same in Free Fire. Each type of weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses that fit different situations. For long-range flights, you would want to have at least an AR.  M14 and M4A1 is going to be the best here. A sniper rifle is the best option for long-range flights, especially an AWM.

The AWM is the king of sniper rifles and your best option in long-range combat


2. Choose the right character

For long-range combats, accuracy is the most important factor because your enemies will literally look like an ant on your phone. Whoever can shot more accuracy will win the fight. For that reason, Laura would be the best character for a sniper because her skill will increase your accuracy significantly.

Laura character in Free Fire has a skill that will increase your accuracy

3. Quickscope

Quickscope is a very common term in the FPS gaming world. Quickscope is a rapid kill with a sniper rifle right after scoping in. Many people might have already known about this, but it will be a little bit different in Free Fire. First, you need to have the Aim Precision setting on Default and set a Fire button on the left side of your screen.

Advanced Tips For Long Range Attacks In Free Fire
Make sure your setting is right to be able to do this trick

Now here is how you do it when you see an enemy far away.

  • Aim at your opponent.
  • Turn on the scope with your right hand and shot with the left hand.
  • Then scope out and scope in to shot again very quickly. Repeat this until your opponent is dead.

This trick will allow you to constantly hit your opponent but you have to do these steps really fast in the right order. You might want to get some practice in the Training room to master this skill.

4. Raise your sight

This trick will help you to do headshots easy against long-range enemies. When you start shooting at the enemy slight raise your Fire button up and your bullet will go straight to their head. Combine this technique with the one above and you will soon play like a pro in Free Fire.

Advanced Tips For Long Range Attacks In Free Fire
Remember to raise your Fire button while shooting to hit headshots easily

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