Free Fire's robust weapon system is one of the biggest advantages the Battle Royale has over its other competitors - from assault rifles to sniper and even semi-auto sniper rifles, the game has gotten pretty much everything. Not all weapons are created equal, however - in this article, we would dive into the two infamous sniper rifles in Free Fire, the Dragunov (SVD) and the SKS to see which one is the stronger tool of destruction.


1 - Details about the Dragunov

The SVD or Dragunov is pretty rare - it can only be found in drop crates, which are pretty hard to come by. It uses the usual ammo for assault rifles. Overall, the offensive capability of the gun is pretty high, with damage, rate of fire, reload speed and range on par with a normal sniper rifle. Only its accuracy is not up to standard - it is rather low, half as accurate as a normal SR. This is probably the drawback of the Semi-auto sniper weapons - as you can shot multiple times in a row without having to reload.


The best part of the gun is probably its ability to penetrate armor, which makes body shots even more dangerous. With an AP stat of 67, 2/3 of the damage of a shot would bypass armor and reduce HP directly.

2 - Details about the SKS

Overall, the SKS is an amped-up M14, with stats and functions being about the same as the SVD. The best part about the SKS, however, is that you can find it as a normal drop and not crate only - you would get to use it much more than the SVD. This is probably to make up for the overall lower firepower, with both damage and armor penetration being slightly less than what the SVD offers.


3 - Dragunov vs SKS

Both guns are nearly identical in function - they also come with the same 4x scope for combat in mid ranges. As a weapon, the Dragunov is definitely more powerful, with higher damage and armor-piercing ability. It also looks better, with the distinct wooden parts. This difference also reflects the history of these guns, as both of them were made by the Soviets, with the Dragunov being more modern by a few decades.

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