There are a lot of weapons in Free Fire, with different strengths and weaknesses – and not many of them are very effective at long range. For Sniper players, knowing weapon’s capability is key – and in this list, we would list out the top 5 weapons suitable for long-range combat in Free Fire.

5 – SVD / Dragunov

Stats of the SVD

This is a very powerful automatic sniper rifle that can only be found in airdrops and resupply points, the Dragunov is one of the deadliest weapons in-game. The difference between the SVD and other weapons on this list is its armor penetration – combined with its decent fire rate, a player equipped with the Dragunov would be able to down an enemy wearing level 2 vest in about 3 shots. The weakness of the Dragunov is its slightly higher recoil and its rarity.

4 – SKS

Stats of the SKS

The SKS works the same way as the SVD, except that it can be found more easily. This alone makes this gun higher than SVD on the list. Their stats are about the same, while SKS has slightly lower armor penetration and damage, it can still achieve the same feat as the SVD, with 3 body shots to down an enemy wearing level 2 vest. The SKS has slightly lower recoil and spread so you would have an easier time with it.

3 – Kar98k

Stats of the Kar98k

Unlike PUBG Mobile’s version, the Kar98k in Free Fire is pretty strong and balanced – it can even rival the AWM in combat if you are aiming for body shots. Headshot-wise, the Kar98k can’t really finish a target in one hit due to its lower headshot multiplier. The Kar98k also has a slightly shorter range than the AWM.

2 – M82B

Stats of the M82B

The newest sniper rifle added to Free Fire - the M82B definitely packs a lot of punch and is very versatile due to its numerous special abilities. It deals the same base damage as other sniper rifles with extra bonus damage to Vehicles and Gloo walls. With the M82B, you can definitely make short work of enemies behind Gloo covers. Another bonus statistics of the M82B is that it can pierce armor - the gun would deal extra damage on body shots against targets with armor.

1 – AWM

Stats of the AWM

While the power of the AWM in Free Fire is certainly nerfed comparing to that of other games, it is still the king of all Sniper Rifles. The gun has extreme range and accuracy stats - amongst the strongest in-game - if you managed to get your hand on either a silencer or a muzzle, it would be almost impossible to stop. While the damage stat of the AWM is equal to other guns in its class, it has a hidden headshot bonus damage. You would be able to one-hit kill targets no matter what helmets they are wearing, with a headshot.

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