In Battle Royale games like Garena Free Fire, “Lady Luck” isn’t always on your side. Therefore, it’s essential to avoid any unnecessary, or “rookie” mistakes to ensure a greater chance of survival. Here we have compiled a list of 5 typical faults that Free Fire players often commit. Let’s jump right into it.

Not Using Headphones

Headphones are crucial for multiplayer games, especially when it comes to shooting ones. They give you more detailed sounds and awareness than just normal phone speakers. Unlike PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire doesn’t offer the option of displaying the footsteps of enemies nearby. So, the only way that you can detect someone closing in is by wearing headphones. Plus, it provides more privacy and protection from outside noises. 

Free Fire mistakes headphones
Even professional gamers recommend using headphones for better performance

Not Moving Constantly

As you may know, Free Fire doesn’t have the “bullet drop” mechanic - which means the bullets will travel in a curve downwards upon being fired. Garena Free Fire doesn’t have that feature. The bullets travel straight no matter how long the distance is. Hence, it’s really simple to get a headshot when you have suitable scopes. But on the receiver’s end, you must constantly move about or take cover if don’t want to be an easy target for snipers. 

Free Fire mistakes moving
You will make yourself an easy target if not move constantly

Not Checking The Gun Ammo

This isn’t how you want to lose the game. Imagine you’re approaching the enemies for an intense gunfight only to find out that you have 3 bullets in your magazine and about 200 more in your backpack. You can easily avoid that silly mistake by finding a covered spot and checking your weapons before attacking. Make sure that your guns are always locked and fully loaded. Monitor the bar below each weapon to know how many bullets are in the magazine, and reload whenever you can. 

Free Fire mistakes ammo
Keep an eye on the ammo

Rushing Without Checking

Loots in Battle Royale games are important, even more so in Free Fire. The endless search for better equipment can sometimes lead you to run blindly towards buildings without any thought that there may be enemies nearby. Don’t make that rookie mistake. Instead, take some time to asset the situation or ask your teammates to spread out and check carefully before moving in for loots. Make sure the surrounding is clear and there’s no ambush. 

Free Fire mistakes campers
Check carefully, you never whether there's a camper

Driving Around Like Crazy

Vehicles in Free Fire are great if you’re far away from the play zone, or need to rush to a certain point for advantage. Apart from those, riding a car or bike will just give others your exact location. They can use that information to set up attacks, or just blow you and your car up. The best thing to do is driving to spot near your destination, then cover the rest distance on foot.

Free Fire mistakes driving
Be aware when driving through hotspots on the map