Free Fire is one of the most downloaded and played battle royale games in the world now. This game requires your excellent shooting skills and the best weapon. AK47 and Groza are the two best assault rifle guns in this game. But, which one is better? Let’s compare and choose the best AR gun in Free Fire here.

Groza vs. AK47: Choose The Best AR Gun In Free Fire

Both these AR guns use 7.62mm ammo and have a default ammo magazine of 30 bullets. AK47 and Groza share the same damage point of 61 when firing without gun skin. As we all know, when applying the weapon skin, your guns will be more powerful. But the AR guns have some significant differences. let’s compare and choose the better one here. 

Effective Range

In terms of shooting range, Groza surpassed AK47 with a range of 75 while it’s 72 in AKM. Therefore, Groza has a longer effective range than AK. 

Free Fire Groza
Groza is the best AR gun in Free Fire

Recoil Rate

In Free Fire and most shooting games, Groza has a lower recoil rate than AK. Obviously, AK is one of a few AR guns which is most difficult to control, especially in medium and long-range combat. Therefore, it’s better to use Groza in short and medium-range combat. 

Free Fire Akm
AK is more recoil than Groza


As Groza has a lower recoil rate than AK, it’s easier to control and also more accurate. In terms of accuracy point, AK is rated 41 while Groza’s accuracy point is 54. Therefore, Groza is easier to use and better than AK. However, it’s harder to find an AK than Groza on the map. So, you need to practice controlling this AR gun to win every match in case you cannot find a Groza.

Find A Groza In The Airdrop
Find A Groza In The Airdrop