The character system is one of the most prominent unique features of Garena Free Fire that separates it from other BR titles. The game currently offers more than 30 characters, each comes with a unique set of skills (except for 2 default ones). Though players can buy them all with Diamonds, only a few can be purchased with Gold Coins. Let's check out the top 5 characters that are pretty much free-to-play!

1. Hayato

Kicking off the list is the legendary samurai, Hayato. He owns a passive ability called Bushido. It allows him to increase armor penetration by 7.5% for every 10% decrease in maximum health. At level 6, for every 10% lost maximum HP, the armor penetration increases by 10%. Players can acquire this character from the store for 8000 Gold Coins or 499 Diamonds.

Hayato in Free Fire

2. Maxim

The competitive eater comes in at second place with his passive ability, Gluttony. It allows him to eat and use his medkits by 2% faster. At the maximum level, he can use medkits 12% quicker. Maxim can be bought from the store for 8000 Gold Coins or 499 Diamonds.

Maxim in Free Fire
Maxim in Free Fire

3. Miguel

Next, we have Miguel, who is a commander of the special forces. His passive ability - Crazy Slayer, allows him to gain 30 EP for each kill. At the maximum level, Miguel gains up to 80EP for each frag. This is one of the best abilities for aggressive players in the game. He is available in the store for 8000 Gold Coins.

Miguel in Free Fire
Miguel in Free Fire

4. Moco

Coming up next is the outstanding hacker Moco with passive ability - Hacker's Eye. At the base level, this ability allows her to tag enemies she shoots for two seconds. The information is also shared with her teammates. At her maximum level, the tag duration increase to five seconds. Moco can be bought from the in-game store for 8000 Gold Coins.
Moco in Free Fire

5. Rafael

As his in-game description reads, Rafael is a deadly killer with an active ability called Dead Silent. At the base level, it allows him to hide gunshots for eight seconds. The ability takes 90 seconds to cool down. Rafael can be bought from the in-game store for 8000 Gold Coins.
Rafael in Free Fire