While the gaming industry is mostly dominated by males, there are still female players out there who are both beautiful and talented enough to compete at the highest level. Free Fire is one of the games that are loved by female players just as much as male players so it is not hard to find female players who are really dedicated to the game.

Here are the top 5 Free Fire female streamers on YouTube that are both absolutely stunning and pro.

1. Sooneeta

Sooneeta Thapa Magar, who better known as Sooneeta, is a female Free Fire YouTuber with a channel of 2.32 million subscribers. She is probably the most popular female Free Fire streamers on YouTube. Sooneeta is from Nepal she also sometimes uses Hindi in her videos. She has hit Heroic tier in Free Fire multiple seasons and definitely has proved her skill on stream.


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2. BlackPink Gaming

Who says pretty girls can't be good at gaming? Miss Diya, the owner of BlackPink Gaming, has something to say to you with her Heroic tier of Season 16 if you think that way. The BlackPink Gaming channel is currently having 624 thousand subscribers and increasing very fast.

BlackPink Gaming
BlackPink Gaming's photo on Instagram
blackpink gaming
Blackpink Gaming love the rush playstyle

BlackPink Gaming loves the rush playstyle so you can expect to see constant actions with top-notch skill on her stream and never get bored.

3. Slumber Queen

Slumber Queen is another popular Free Fire female streamers on YouTube with 371 thousand subscribers. Apart from streaming she also makes a lot of Free Fire videos to share tips and tricks with her viewers. Her videos are in Tamil so she has a lot of fans and viewers from India.

While she has never shown her face or disclosed her identity, it only makes her more interesting and mysterious.

4. Meri Olivia

Meri Olivia is an old-time Free Fire player as she has been playing Free Fire since 2018. She loved Free Fire so much that she created her own YouTube channel. The skill of Meri Olivia in Free Fire is not even something that needs to be discussed as she has proved herself multiple times in many tournaments.

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Meri Olivia
Meri Olivia's skill has been proven in many tournaments she was in

Meri Olivia YouTube channel is currently having 2.93 million subscribers.

5. NotNot

Lidiawaty, or better known as NotNot, is a gorgeous female Free Fire streamer from Indonesia. She is the Brand Ambassador of EVOS Esports, one of the most famous esports organization in Indonesia. NotNot is currently having 740 thousand players on her YouTube channel.


Notnot 1
NotNot is not only a Free Fire streamer but also an actress

Apart from being a Free Fire streamer, NotNot is also an actress who played a soap opera on National TV. Beautiful as she is, hardly can anyone imagine that she is quite a tough girl with a Red with One Black Stripe belt in Taekwondo. You'd better not mess up with her in both Free Fire and real life.

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