Finding your Free Fire is a harsh game and sometimes, you are the only one in the team who survives. While it is a really hard task, it is totally not impossible at all, especially if you these tips.

Here are the top 5 tips for you when you are in a 1 vs 2 situation so you can clutch like a pro.

1. Wear a Headphone

Having a good headphone is just like having eyes around your head. Once you get used to listening to sound clues, you will be able to spot danger. If you know where your opponents are coming from, it will be easier to be prepared.

2. Set up mines

When 2 of them are trying to take you down, they will be much more aggressive and push continuously because they have a big advantage. But you can totally make it their disadvantage by luring them into a house with mines. Now just wait for them to run into your trap and take easy kills.

Defending Against A Double Team Free Fire Official
Set up land mines in houses and wait for them to fall into your trap

Grenades are also great for taking people down without having to show your face. You need to learn how to cook a grenade before throwing so they can't dodge it.

3. Kill them one by one

When your enemy's friend is running over to help him is when they are the most vulnerable and clueless. Try to take that opportunity to take them down one by one.

4. Watch Your Back

Many players focus too much on the enemy ahead and forget to watch their back. Since you are outnumbered, you always have to be aware of your surrounding. There is a high chance that one of them is trying to go around and find an open angle to shoots you. Take an occasionally look around when you are healing or reloading.

Defending Against A Double Team Free Fire Official
Keep checking different directions while healing or reloading to make sure that you are safe

Also, remember to stack 2 Gloo Walls just in case they have anM82B, which can destroy Gloo Wall.

5. Play Strategically

When you are at such a huge disadvantage, it is wiser to avoid direct confrontation. Make smart moves such as keep changing your location constantly, use Gloo Wall as a cover, attacking from different angles. Be unpredictable so enemies can't guess your next move.

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