Garena Free Fire is currently the biggest Battle Royale game in India, with a thriving community. Features like the action-packed gameplay and the new character system have put the title on the top of the gaming chart. But, should you seek a "domestic taste" but not sacrifice the above-mentioned thrill, then our following top 5 Indian BR games may scratch your itch.

Top 5 Indian Games Like Garena Free Fire on Android

1. Scarfall: The Royale Combat

Scarfall borrows quite a lot of gameplay elements from the prominent BR games likes Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. Staying true to the spirit of the BR genre, the title offers a great multiplayer mode for players to enjoy. On top of that, you can also check out other game modes that have 4 vs 4 combat matches. Also, the game enables the character customization to keep things feeling fresh.

Choose your look in Scarfall

2. Swag Shooter

Coming up next, it's Swag Shooter that brings the Indian take on the Battle Royale genre. Fight over an extended arena to reign on top of others.

swag shooter
Swag Shooter has that crispy graphics touch

However, Swag Shooter adds its own unique spin on the classic gameplay. It offers players 3 chances to make it to the end. Additionally, the game houses a great collection of weapons and characters to choose from as well as great graphics.

3. Shooting Heroes Legend

Garena Free Fire adds the unique character system to its gameplay. Shooting Heroes Legend also takes that similar approach. It allows players to collect and unlock legendary heroes to fight in the Battle Royale mode.

Shooting Heroes Legend
Shooting Heroes Legend takes on a futuristic look

On top of that, Shooting Heroes also offers several other game modes, such as the zombie mode and the siege mode. And if you're a fan of offline games, this title will definitely not disappoint.

4. Blood Rivals

Blood Rivals is the first BR game on this list that heavily stresses the importance of vehicles. The map is so big that you literally can't walk your way to the next round. Moreover, the game enables players to fully customize their gaming experience by tuning the user interface to match their preferences.

Blood Rivals
Show up and dominate the battlefield in Blood Rivals

Another plus for Blood Rivals is its accessibility. You don't need to own a beefy phone to get the best graphics quality out of this game.

5. Titan Blood

Last but not least, Titan Blood brings the epic BR gameplay that resembles Garena Free Fire. The game offers both online multiplayer mode and offline single-player mode. Housing a great collection of weapons and vehicles, Titan Blood can be a possible alternative for Free Fire fans.

titan blood
Enjoy your time with Titan Blood