Bermuda was the first map of Free Fire and it is also obviously the most favorite map in Free Fire over later maps such as Kalahari and Purgatory. But another reason why more people love to play on Bermuda is that the map is balanced with various locations with various amount of loots. Each player has their own different playstyle and so they prefer different types of loot spots. While aggressive players would choose the hottest drop spots with the best loots to start the games, many players want to loot items in peace and join the fight later.

Free Fire
Top 5 places to drops on Bermuda

So here are the top 5 loot locations in Bermuda in Free Fire.


Pochinok is located near the center of the map so there is a high chance that it will be inside the first few circles. So even if you get caught in a long brawl between many teams, you can just focus on the fight and not having to worry about the circle.

Maxresdefault 1
Pochinok is a great place for loots

There is a lot of houses and compounds in Pochinok so the amount of loots here is really good. Even if you are playing in a Squad, this place can easily provide enough loots for your whole team until the end of the match. The distance between houses in this place is good but you will still need to make quite a run to loot. Most of the loot here is mid-tier along with occasionally high-tier loot.

Cape Town

Cape Town is located in the far East of Bermuda. This location is a decent place to loot because houses here lie next to each other, making the looting process faster. Your squad will find enough items here to prepare for the later stages of the game.

Cape Town
Cape Town is a place for passive players

Since this location placed on the edge of the map, not many players like to come here. This factor gives Cape Town both some advantages and disadvantages. You won't likely to bump into any team here so you can loot safely, which is perfect for passive players. However, this place is far away from the center of the map and other locations on the map as well, making your team vulnerable to ambushes while rotating. You also need to be fast so you can make it in the circle in time.

Mars Electric

Mars Electric is one of the best looting spots in Bermuda as it has lots of quality loots. The place is located in the far South of the map so it . You can easily find powerful weapons such as sniper rifles here.

Maxresdefault 2
AMars Electric has a high chance to be outside of the circle

It's also quite a big place so it will take a while to loot here. You might even forget to check the time of the circle. On the bright side, you can easily find vehicles here to make quick rotations to other locations.

Another thing is that you need to not let your guard down even if you don't see anyone land here with you. Sometimes, players from Pochinok and Factory will go to this place to find more loots.


Shipyard is also another spot with an abundance of loot. The location is also rather small so it is very easy to pick up all the loots you want in no time if it was crowned with other players. Being one of the best loot spots, it is the favorite place for many people. The only way for you to get the loot in Shipyard is to be the few players who can survive the brawl there. But it will be all worth it.

Maxresdefault 3
Shipyard in Free Fire


Mill is a graveyard for players during the early game due to the excessive amount of players who want to be here for its loots. If you are confident of your skills then Mill is always the best place to get enough loot, no matter if you are playing Solo or Squad.

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Mill in Free Fire

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