Garena Free Fire offers players a wide range of weapons. The following weapons have ideal damage points and specifications for Booyah. Check out why you should pick these guns to survive and win every situation below.

Free Fire Bomb Squad
Free Fire Best Weapons

#1. M1887 - Mighty Shotgun

This mighty shotgun is the best choice for aggressive players and rushers who prefer to engage in close combat. It's always one of the deadliest guns for one-shot one-kill in this game. M1887 will be even stronger with the following skins:

  • Terrano Burst (armor penetration & reload speed buffs)
  • Incendium Burst (damage and firing rate buffs)
  • One-Punch Man (damage and reload speed buffs)
  • Solaris Burst (accuracy and firing rate buffs)
  • Rapper Underworld (DPS buff)
  • Hand of Hope (reload speed and damage buffs)
  • Golden Glare (firing rate buff)

You can equip this shotgun to the primary slot to rush enemies. Jump and aim to the head to take the opponent down effectively and safely. It allows you to perform a squad clutch when you master this gun.

Free Fire M1887
Free Fire M1887

#2. M82B - Powerful SR

M82B is preferred for its accuracy and high damage of 165, making it the most recommended SR for snipers from afar. If you are a pro sniper, this SR is deadly enough for you to clutch a full enemy squad. Dragon Mob, Hurricane Delivery, Time Travellers, The Falconer, and Deadly Glares are the best gun skins for M82B in Free Fire.

Free Fire M82b
Free Fire M82B

#3. AK47 - A Quintessential AR

AK47 is the most balanced gun for aggressive players with both damage and accuracy. It allows wielders to deal high damage to the target in close to mid-range combat. Besides, this AR is highly recommended for players at both pro and amateur levels because of its low recoil rate. AK47 is one of the top favorite weapons of Free Fire assaulters.

Free Fire Ak47
Free Fire Ak47

#4. MP40 - Aggressive Submachine Gun

MP40 is a fast and furious submachine gun for Free Fire players with its insane damage and firing mechanism. You can shred enemies' defense with a swift firing rate and notable damage, making MP40 an ideal choice for close combat.

As a submachine gun with a high rate of fire, this gun cannot satisfy your requirements for stability, but some weapon skins can help you solve the issue of recoil.

Free Fire Mp40
Free Fire MP40

#5. AWM - Legendary SR

AWM is always the legendary sniper rifle in many shooting games, including Free Fire. Its reliable damage and armor penetration rate won't let you down. Therefore, it's pretty struggling to grasp this SR in the battle royale mode.

Skilled snipers who master its recoil and drop rate can easily eliminate enemy squads with minimum bullets. You can also pair it with an M82B to quickly take down enemies without allowing them to react or revive during the reload duration.

Free Fire Awm
Free Fire AWM

These are the top five powerful weapons for Booyah in Garena Free Fire 2024 no matter which role you play. Stay tuned for further tips and tactics to play like a pro player.

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