Free Fire Advanced Server will release the new patch OB45 with many new features and enhancements. Check out all upcoming additions and updates to experience in the new Free Fire Advanced Server OB45 patch here.

New Character Updates
Free Fire Advance Server OB45 is coming soon.

#1. Weapon Update

In this upcoming update, Free Fire players will get a new weapon - Healing Pistol-Y. But it’s not designed to cause damage to the hit target. The new pistol introduced in OB45 can be used to heal your ally players. When you hold this pistol in your hands and aim, the game system will notify you whether there is a teammate to be healed or not. It can revive a knocked ally or heal his HP if he gets damaged.

In addition, there will be a new weapon skin customization function. It allows you to customize indexes of weapon skins at a certain level. But it does not let players buff all skin stats. If you want to focus on one stat, you must give up other buffs.

The game system also has some updates in the skin system. There will be a new Cyclone Dragon skin for the powerful gun Parafal in OB45. This new gun skin will help buff damage or firing rate to make this gun stronger and more dangerous.

Healing Pistol
A new Healing Pistol will be added to the game.

#2. Character Update

Kassie will be the new character in OB45. She has a healing kit that creates a bond with allies to heal them during combat. Reactivating this skill will instantly recover 100 HP for her teammates. Moreover, this skill can be automatically activated when the ally's HP is lower than 50%. This skill can heal 50% HP for the ally. But this skill has a long CD of one minute.

There is another secret character with the amazing ability to scan the map and search the enemy's locations within 30 seconds and a 20-meter radius. In addition, he/she also gets a speed buff of 100% when firing and a vision buff for spotting the marked enemy after 5 seconds.

Free Fire Kassie
Kassie will be the new character in the next update.

Moreover, Free Fire Advanced Server OB45 also buffs some existing characters, such as:

  • Shirou: marking enemy;
  • Skyler: double shots;
  • Wukong: CD reduction;
  • Remade Kapella;
  • Olivia: buffed healing ability.

These updates are expected to bring you lots of fun in OB45. This update is set for June 26th, 2024. Let's wait for new characters on that date.

#3. New FPS Feature

This is the most anticipated feature in Free Fire since the game's release. The first perspective of shooting gives you a better vision and esports experience than the third perspective feature. Moreover, it makes you immerse yourself in the battle to have the most realistic experience and feelings.

However, you may experience dizziness the first time playing a shooting game like Free Fire from the first perspective. Moreover, you cannot observe the environment behind you.

Fps Experience
You can enjoy the FPS experience in OB45.

Furthermore, there are many new skin bundles and animations for Free Fire players to unlock for free or with in-game currencies. Stay updated for the latest news about Free Fire Advanced Server on

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