The new character Kassie released in Free Fire OB45 will come to the game with a great healing ability. Her Electrotherapy kit also brings a new interesting playstyle to the battlefield. Check out how to master Free Fire Kassie in OB45 with the best weapons and skill combos below.

#1. Kassie's Ability Previews

Kassie comes to Free Fire with the Electrotherapy kit to heal herself and her allies. This skill will create a bond between Kassie and her teammates for health restoration. Here are some indexes of this kit.

  • Restore 3 HP per second;
  • Reactivated Electrotherapy can restore 100 HP instantly to the target;
  • Electrotherapy will be automatically activated when the ally's health bar is below 50%. It restores 50 HP instantly in this case.

Kassie will be available on the Free Fire Advance Server OB45. You can expect to experience the new update and this character on June 26th, 2024. There are many other character updates in the Advance Server OB45.

Free Fire Kassie
Kassie will be the new healer in your team since OB45.

#2. Best Tips & Strategies For Kassie

Kassie will be released in OB45 with a new healing pistol - Y. This can be a great weapon for this character in the nursing role in her team. This character can play in the Support position to revive and heal ally rushers and assaulters.

Therefore, Kassie had better stay close to these aggressive allies to revive and heal them manually and automatically. Moreover, she can heal teammates within a 3-meter radius when she uses the new healing pistol in OB45. It's a great combo for duo and squad modes when your team lands on a hot spot.

Kassie Abilities
Kassie works as the best healer in the new update and has both manual and auto-healing abilities.

Besides, Kassie can play as a supporter besides her nursing role. You can give her a sub-machine gun to contribute damage with allies when rushing enemies. Alternatively, Garena Free Fire nurses often play as a fragger to support rushers. In this situation, Kassie had better loot more frag grenades, Gloo wall bombs, and smoke grenades.

#3. Best Skill Combos For Kassie

Kassie's position requires healing, speed, and HP buffs. Therefore, you can pair the following passive talents with her Electrotherapy kit.

  • Olivia's Healing Touch: increases the restored HP and spreads this healing effect to surrounding allies;
  • Kapella's Healing Song: allows you to shoot allies for healing and buffs the healing effect when using the Electro Pistol-Y;
  • Luna's Fight-Or-Flight: boosts the firing rate and transforms firing rate into movement speed when hitting a target;
  • Fox's Well Fed: increases 10 HP when using Med Kit.

You can also get her passive talent to pair with other characters to enjoy this great healing effect. Free Fire Kassie is a highly-anticipated character in the upcoming update.

Kassie Best Combo
Kassie should be paired with other healers in Free Fire.

These are the best skill combos and tips to play the new character Kassie in Free Fire OB45. She will be released soon. Stay tuned for more Free Fire tips on

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