Gloo Walls are one of the most popular items in Free Fire, which is used by players in every match. Similar to all other items in the game, players can equip Gloo Wall skins to customize their looks. Striking Gloo Wall skins can even temporarily distract enemies, at least for a split second, giving you the chance to get ahead of your foe.

However, not all Gloo Wall skins are created equal. Some are easy to get but some are limited items that only appear in events. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 rarest Gloo Walls skins in Free Fire.

1. Free Fire x One Punch Man

This Gloo Wall skin was released as part of the Free Fire x One Punch Man event earlier this year, available for only one week. It is based on Saitama, the main character of the manga One Punch Man, whose specialty is to kill his enemy using just one attack. The design of the wall features Saitama unleashing an attack.

Free Fire x One Punch Man
Free Fire x One Punch Man Gloo Wall

It is one of the few times Free Fire collaborated with an anime (Attack on Titan was the other one) and this skin is very unlikely to come back. Players who managed to get this skin would definitely stand out.

2. Free Fire x Street Fighter

The recent collab with the popular fighting game Street Fighter was pretty memorable. It is the first time Free Fire collab with another video game franchise, and a fighter game at that. This collab added two new Gloo Wall skins based on popular Street Fighter characters Ryu and Chun-Li.

Street Fighter collab
The Street Fighter collab was very exciting

Both skins showcase the character firing their signature attack, with a Street Fighter logo on one side of the wall. Similar to the One Punch Man skin, the collab nature makes this Gloo Wall very rare.

3. Gold Vault

The Gold Vault Gloo Wall was released very recently as part of the collaboration with Money Heist. It was added to the Reload Target Down event, with conditions that require players to grind points to unlock. The skin looks fairly unique, with its surface being a vault door.

Gold Vault
Gold Vault Gloo Wall

As this is the last season of Money Heist, the Gold Vault might not come back at all.

4. Ancient Order

Elite Pass pre-order is something not many players do, and when Garena locks a skin as a preorder bonus, that skin becomes super rare. The Ancient Order Gloo Wall was one of those - it is a reward for pre-ordering Elite Pass Season 24.

Ancient Order
Ancient Order Gloo Wall

The theme of this Gloo Wall is fairly artistic, with a warrior holding two swords and surrounded by a red aura.

5. Plan Bermuda

This skin was released a while ago, as part of the Money Heist collaboration of last year. As it did not come back this year, it is unlikely that players would be able to get this skin at all. Appearance-wise, it is blood red and covered by the infamous masks used in the heist.

Plan Bermuda 
Plan Bermuda Gloo Wall

As players need to acquire this skin via an item shop purchase, the Plan Bermuda Gloo Wall is pretty rare.

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