Weapon skins are one of the main ways for BGMI developers to make money. Because of that, Krafton has released a lot of good-looking skins for PUBG Mobile/BGMI weapons... with a lot of styles to choose from. In this article, we are going to list the top 5 rarest gun skins in BGMI that every player is dying to get their hands on.

1 - M416 Glacier

This is the first upgradable skin with levels in PUBG Mobile/BGMI and is one of the most beloved by the community. Players can unlock this skin from classic crates. The best effect of the M416 Glacier is its level 5 On-Hit effect. At that level, an ice effect would play when opponents are hit by a bullet.

M416 Glacier
M416 Glacier is one of the rarest gun skins in BGMI.

The look of this skin is excellent as well - it turns the whole weapon into transparent ice. The final form of the skin covers it with even more ice and add a frost effect on the gun's body.

2 - Terror Fang Kar98K

As this skin was released in a limited collab, not many players managed to grab it. It was one of the most wanted weapon skins in BGMI, with a theme based on the legendary monster Godzilla.

Terror Fang Kar98K
Terror Fang Kar98K in BGMI

The Terror Fang Kar98K skin turns the whole weapon into a burning stick, which looks fairly amazing. Players can upgrade it to level 7 using paints and materials. Its finish feed and loot box are also pretty decent.

3 - AKM Wood and Gold

The AKM Wood and Gold is one of the earliest weapon skin released in PUBG Mobile, therefore, only a few players managed to acquire it. It was available for purchase in the very first seasons of the game. This is why this skin is one of the rarest gun skins in BGMI

AKM Wood and Gold
AKM Wood and Gold in BGMI

Since then, the skin has occasionally made appearances in crates and lucky spins, but they are few and far between. While it is not really flashy like the first two skins, the AKM Wood and Gold has one of the best iron sights for AKM in BMGI.

4 - Golden M416

The Golden M416 was also released in one of the starting seasons of PUBG Mobile. This is why not many people have it in BGMI at the moment. Its design is fairly simple - the whole weapon turns into a shiny, golden color.

Golden M416
Golden M416 in BGMI

However, there might be an easier way to get this skin now, as it was recently made available in a golden crate that can be found in the crates section of BGMI. Players can use UC to acquire this skin.

5 - Bloody Bite DP-28

The Bloody Bite DP-28 is the last skin on the list and is one of the best weapon skins you can find for the DP-28 in BGMI. It has a vampiric theme and adds a number of small bats to the ammunition disk of the gun.

Overall, players might be able to get this soon, as the Bloody Bite DP-28 skin is expected to be rerun in crates.

Bloody Bite DP-28
Bloody Bite DP-28 in BGMI

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