To be successful in a shooter like Free Fire, the ability to score headshot is very important - it is a mark to separate pro players from normal players. In this article, we would list out some of the most useful tips and tricks to accomplish that.


Most weapons in Free Fire would deal a lot of extra damage on headshots. In the case of a Sniper Rifle, you can one-shot a player at full HP. Instantly kill your enemy with a headshot is one of the best feelings in an FPS.

1 – Use custom sensitivity settings

It is recommended that you experiment and create your own settings or copy that of a pro player. With a custom setting, you would be able to reach and aim faster, as the normal settings usually underestimate your reaction time, which in turn leads to slower aim speed.

Sensitivity Setting
Sensitivity Setting

2 – Know how to use your guns

You need to know the weapon you are using. When looting, it is best to stick with what you know or something easy to use. It is best to not pick up hard to use weapons like the AK if you don't know how to make use of them.

Free Fire Weapons Rifle

3 – Get a decent scope

In battle royales like Free Fire, fights usually would happen at medium to long range... and you would usually need a scope for that kind of fight. Usually, you would need a 2x or 4x scope on an AR, and an 8x scope on sniper rifles. Try to get your hand on a scope first before doing anything.

Maxresdefault 1

4 – Try to catch your enemy off guard

You would be able to score headshots more reliably if you managed to catch your opponents off-guard... like when they are looting or focus on other targets, for example. To accomplish this, you need to be patient and scout around with your scope before advancing forward.

Free Fire Shotgun Gameplay

5 - Practice Drag headshot

The action of quickly dragging the Fire button upwards for headshots is called Dragshot - it is easier to do this using fast weapons with moderate recoil.

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