Free Fire Clash Squad is an exciting PvP fight mode in which you will fight off an enemy team in close-range combat. Here are the 5 best tips and tactics for beginners to win this game mode in 2021.

#1. Have Proper Loadouts

It's very important to have a proper loadout to win the match. Free Fire players can choose their loadout at the end of each match to use those guns in the following round. To buy loadout for the next round, you have to make some kill or win that match to earn cash. You should earn as much money as possible to buy your favorite weapons to win the game.

Prepare Loadout
Prepare Loadout

#2. Know The Map Well

Understanding the map is an important element to win this game mode. Clash Squad map is often smaller than Battle Royale maps. Therefore, the enemy will approach you faster than in BR mode. Your teammates will have blue arrows while the enemies have red arrows on the minimap. So, you can spot all players on the map to rush. So, each round is very fast.

Free Fire Cs Maps
Understand all Clash Squad maps.

#3. Master The Maps

Bermuda and Kalahari are the two major maps of Free Fire Clash Squad. So, you should master these two maps in the BR mode to know all hidden corners. Then, you will know more places to camp and routes to rush.

Know All Corners
Know All Corners On CS Maps.

#4. Have Good Teamwork

Communication is very important in this teamwork game mode. You need to establish communication with teammates. Turn on in-game micro and speaker to keep connected with your allies. Then, you can call attacks and inform the enemies' position. Moreover, you can discuss the strategy with your allies easily.

Cs Teamwork
Have A Good Teamwork.

#5. Keep Firing

This PvP game mode is full of instant combat. Therefore, always keep your finger at the fire button so that you can reflex quickly when encountering enemies. Besides, you have to keep moving so that you won't be an easy target to opponents.