Cheaters have always been a huge problem in PUBG Mobile as they ruin the playing experience of other players. While the developer is trying their best to ban them, they still keep coming with new accounts. This is a never-ending war but if we stop, the cheaters will totally ruin the game. Here are the 8 most common types of hacks so you can identify and report them.

1. PUBG Mobile Wall Hack

Wall hack is one of the most common types of cheat in all shooter games because it is easy to make and hard to detect. In PUBG Mobile, Wall hack gives a player the advantage that only very experienced players have, the ability to pinpoint the locations of enemies without having any line of sight. With this cheat, a player can see the movement of other players and prefire when they show up. It is like when a TPP player plays against an FPP player.

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This hack also allows a player to kill other players through walls and obstacle but most hackers won't do that risky move to get banned.

2. PUBG Mobile Speed Hack

Speed hack removes the speed limit and lets a player move so fast that other players can barely see them. This cheat can be used with or without a vehicle. It's one of the most annoying kinds of cheat due to its nature, you can't do anything to them if you can't even see them. However, players who use this cheat are still vulnerable and can be killed with normal methods. People who use this cheat can even possibly kill themselves if they move fast in a vehicle and crash into a wall or building.


This hack is really easy to notice, so people can easily spot it and report it to PUBG Mobile.

3. PUBG Mobile Aimbot Hack

Everyone is probably already too familiar with this hack. It allows a player to snap their crosshair to the head of other players and fire immediately with 100% accuracy. Some Aimbot software can even spot players from really really far away and make some impossible headshots. If you go to a fight against an aimbot player, you will lose for sure.

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However, there is a way to defeat a player who uses aimbot. If you can sneak on them without getting noticed then you will be able to take them down easily. But in reality, it is likely that the cheater will use other types of hacks such as ESP hack too, so the chance is really slim.

4. PUBG Mobile ESP Hack

ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) hack is also known as radar hack. This hack can be considered the upgraded version of Wall hack. With ESP hack, a player can see the location of other players and more.

Pubg Mobile Esp Hack
ESP hack allows a player to see whatever information they want about other players in the match (Source:

ESP hack can give a player information such as health amount, gear information, distance, name, ...

ESP hack offers a lost of options

5. PUBG Mobile High Jump Hack

High jump hack is pretty obvious to spot in PUBG Mobile. Players who use this hack can jump insanely high to dodge bullets or to get to places that no player could expect. This hack can also be used on vehicles. Yes, if you see a vehicle is jumping from places to places, the one who is driving it is definitely cheating. Of course, people who use this cheat can barely get away with it.

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6. PUBG Mobile Flying Vehicles Hack

This hack is different from the High Jump hack as your vehicle will be able to float in middle air and won't ever drop down unless you want to. Needless to say, this hack is also very blatant and the hacker will get reported by other players easily.

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7. PUBG Mobile Underwater Hack

This hack will allow a player to do whatever they want underwater such as using healing items, shooting other players, ...

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8. PUBG Mobile No Recoil Hack

If you just got spray down from like 200m away, then it is likely that you are facing a pro player or a cheater. Recoil is really hard to fully master in PUBG Mobile, especially with guns like AKM or MK14. However, this hack will counter the recoil pattern of the weapon, allowing the cheater to spray accurately.