Sanhok is the smallest map in PUBG Mobile, and because of that, arming yourself as fast as possible is crucial. It might seem to be simple at first, but competing for loot spots could be a quick way to lead to an early grave. Below is our guide for some of the most uncontested loot spots in Sanhok

5 - Quarry

1200px Sanhok Landmark Quarry
The Quarry in Sanhok, one of the biggest area on the map

One of the more overlooked destination due to its size. As the Quarry is huge, getting enough loot to build an optimal loadout would be very time-consuming. However, better safe than sorry – you would be fine as long as you can get your hand on a gun. Level 3 items and all the top tier guns can spawn in this place.

4 - Lakawi

The best place to fish for a flare gun

Being a remote place in the corner of the map, hardly anyone ever visit Lakawi as the time spent on getting there could leave you vulnerable to later circles. The location might look unassuming, but it actually has some of the biggest amounts of loot on the map.

The place has enough loot for a complete squad to spare. Furthermore, the gears are also easy to spot, as the construction density on that location is pretty thin. Lakawi is also a common location for the flare gun to spawn – getting your hand on an early AWM can pretty much put the chicken dinner in your bag.

3 - Ban Tai

96cb4da9 2game Pubg Dua Dia Danh Viet Nam Vao Game
The gears in Ban Tai are scattered everywhere

Another loot place that located rather far from the zone circle. The site is full of structures and buildings, each contains a decent amount of look. It would take time to get an optimal loadout, however, as the gears are scattered everywhere. Lakawi is a recommended place for Squads, as the quantity of the gears are great.

The best thing that Ban Tai has, however, is not the loot, as it is the place with a high chance for vehicles to spawn. You would get your choice of favorite vehicles as you start your journey to the zone.

2 - Cave

1200px Sanhok Landmark Cave
A small place that you can clear out easily

A small area with great loot – you can go in and out in a flash and still clear out the place from top to bottom. Boats are usually spawned there, which also provides a convenient way of escaping pursuit. You can find equipment of great quality there, as even level 3 gears can spawn in the location.

The caves can also serve as a decent hiding spot, as there are ample dead corners for you to create an ambush.

The cave is not recommended for squads, however, as the quantity of the loot is just too low – there won’t be enough for everyone.

1 – Ruins

Pubg Sanhok Temples
The ruined temple in Sanhok is a location most people avoid in the early game

Similar to Quarry, the Ruins is a big place, and people avoid it for that reason. It would be rather hard to get the correct gear for your dream loadout. However, this does not change the fact that the Ruins contains great loot.

Because of the large size, the amount of loot that can be found here is astronomical. A squad or two can easily find enough gears in here, and if they are lucky – a flare gun would spawn. Just be careful when infiltrating that place, as it is in the middle of the map – with frequent traffics. You can be ambushed easily in the middle of looting.

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