Truly Mouthwatering is an interesting quest in Genshin Impact Fontaine. You have to answer some questions to complete this quest. Let's check out the answers to these questions and complete the Truly Mouthwatering Genshin quest.

#1. How To Unlock

The Truly Mouthwatering quest starts in the West Slopes of Mont Automnequi, Fontaine. You don't have to complete any prerequisite quest to unlock this quest. Go to the beach north of Poisson to find the male NPC named Henri.

He is buried under the sand on the beach and surrounded by many hostile crabs when you find him. Defeat these crabs and talk to Henri to start the quest. Don't miss bolded details during the investigation as you need them to find out the answer to two questions of this quest.

Find Henri In Poisson
Find Henri in Poisson to start the quest.

#2. Truly Mouthwatering Answers

It's easy to complete the Truly Mouthwatering quest. After talking to Henri, go around and find three clues in glowing points around Henri, including:

  • Roast Chicken plate: in the right of the Henri;
  • Shovel: next to the fence;
  • Broken Machine: in the southeast of Henri, by the roadside.
All Answers Truly Mouthwatering
Find three clues around the location of buried Henri.

Then, find two male NPCs named Turner and Hunter near the tree under the mountain slope and talk to them. When the investigation and dialogue with two NPCs, return to Henri. Next, you have to answer some questions.

Question Answer
What is going on with Henri?

1. Associate Crabs with Roast Chicken; and Nearby shovel with Roast Chicken.

2. Interpret the option of 'Self-proclaimed “beauty treatment”'.

3. Associate the option of 'Shout out so that he can be heard' with the option of 'The walker duo'.
4. Interprete the 'Fearful of the walker duo' answer and associate it with the 'Nearby shovel'.
5. The conclusion is that 'Henri was buried here'.
Why was he buried in the ground? 1. Interpret Crabs and Roast Chicken answers.
2. Interpret the 'Barrel on the body' option.
3. Associate two answers Crabs and Roast Chicken with the answer ' Buried Safely'.
4. Interpret the answer of 'Buried safely' and associate it with the 'Truly mouthwatering!' answer.
5. Interpret the Lesson option and associate it with the Broken Machine.
6. Conclude the reason is 'Because he broke the machine'.

When two conclusions are submitted, the Truly Mouthwatering Genshin quest is also completed. Then, the subsequent quest 'Still Mouthwatering' will be unlocked automatically, in which you enter a new adventure to retrieve 7 Mysterious Cores for Henri.

Choose The Right Answers To Questions
Choose the right answers to questions about Henri's situation. 

#3. Truly Mouthwatering Rewards

After being rescued from the sand hole, Henri continues to give you clues and missions of the next quest. But before doing the next quest, you will receive rewards for completing the Truly Mouthwatering quest, including:

  • 30 Primogems;
  • 17,000 Mora;
  • 2 Hero's Wits.
Truly Mouthwatering
Complete the quest and claim rewards. 

Truly Mouthwatering is a simple quest without puzzles and dangerous bosses. But you have to find out the right relationships among answers and make the right conclusion for the case.

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