Apple Arcade has come with the beta release of iOS 13, and gamers are desperately looking for the most outstanding games to try during their 1-month free subscription.

There has been a lot of great games coming out for Apple's service, but Various Daylife is the best option now when it comes to colonists' experiences. Below is the trailer of the game, which you can give a check to find out what's special about this game:

The concept of Various Daylife

Various Daylife takes the settings of a fantasy world. Taking place in 211 - the Imperial Era, people have found a new continent named Antoecia.

Hence, many colonists have come here to explore and exploit the potentials of the new lands. Together, they've formed the city of Erebia here - a wonderful place to start your life.

Various Daylife Apple Arcade 4
Join the exploration in the continents of Antoecia as a colonist

You'll play as a colonist, embarking your new adventure on this continent. Not only will you do your daily life's tasks, but you can also dive in the secrets fighting monsters with your AI friends as well.

The name of this game has spoken for itself - there will be no similar day lives in this game!

Gameplay features

As I have mentioned earlier, Various Daylife will throw you into the shoes of a new colonist in the newly-discovered continent - Antoecia. In there, you'll start living your life to the fullest while developing your skills and explore the continent's mystery.

Through everyday jobs, you can upgrade your skills to your own will. The city is just in its early times, so there are a lot of jobs you can do here. To be more specific, you can be everyone in this world: a warrior, ordinary labor, or even a secretary. There are more than 20 classes for you to choose from, each has certain jobs to complete and will decide how you will grow as a colonist. It's totally up to you.

Various Daylife Apple Arcade 3
There are a lot of things you can do with your daily life

If you choose the route of a warriors (who doesn't, duh?), it's very interesting to see the outside of the city. There are a lot of challenges waiting, including hordes of monsters, severe weathers and food shortage, which will put your adventurous soul to the real test.

Hence, you'll need to carefully prepare before getting out. You don't have infinite rooms for items, so carefully choose what you'll need on your journey. You can challenge yourself by going out alone, or co-0p with AI friends to help you with your journey. And when things are too harsh, it's fine to retreat for a future trip!

Various Daylife Apple Arcade 1
Gather some AI friends to help you with your expedition

Last but not least, Various Daylife features turn-based combats, which pivot on the "three CHAs" mechanics. The first one is CHANGE - debuff your foes and make them in bad conditions. Secondly - CHAIN - performing combos with your allies to link the effect of your attacks.  And the last CHA - CHANCE - prepare to deliver the last deadly blow.

Various Daylife Apple Arcade 5
The combat style of Various Daylife features the "three CHAs" mechanics.

Further fighting will grants you some items for upgrading and unlock new story and characters. With anime-like characters, a rich storyline and fascinating gameplay, you won't recognize spending hours enjoying your new life.

Developers and release date

Various Daylife is the masterpiece from Square Enix. To be specific, the creators behind this game are the veterans that have created Octopath Traveler and Bravely Default. With the reputation of those two games, we can expect Various Daylife to be a hit.

Various Daylife Apple Arcade 6
Various Daylife is the work from the creators of Octopath Traveler

This game is only available on Apple Arcade, which you can enjoy adventuring by subscribing to Apple Arcade. Apple's service cost about $4.99 per month, which you can freely enjoy any games you want that support Apple Arcade.

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