Vivianne & Ninianne of the Lake are two local legends in Fontaine. Their boss drops are essential materials for weapon ascension. Let's check out their locations and learn some tips to defeat them here.

I. Vivianne Of The Lake

Vivianne is a new Hydrp boss with dangerous water cannon and water laser attacks. You can find it in the North of the Domain 'Echoes of the Deep Tides'. It appears under a mountain cliff.

Vivianne Of The Lake Genshin Impact
Vivianne Of The Lake resides in the Northern mountainous region of Fontaine's Court.

Tips to beat

Hyperbloom and Vaporize are the two best teams to counter this Hydro local legend. Nahida can trigger lots of Dendro Cores on the battleground to damage this enemy continually. Besides, Raiden Shogun and Shinobu can team up with Nahida to trigger Hyperbloom reactions.

In the Vaporize team, Hu Tao's Pyro attack can also deal high damage to Vivianne by triggering the Vaporize reaction. Thoma and Kazuha will buff Hu Tao's DMG by Pyro resonance or reducing the enemy's RES. Kazuha's Swirl can also launch him into the air to evade the Hydro laser.

Vivianneof The Lake
Use a Dendro-based team or Hytao's Vaporize team to defeat this Hydro enemy quickly.

You have to bring a shielder or healer to reduce DMG taken or heal HP for your team continually. Zhongli is the best option for these teams. His shield can protect the active characters from powerful Hydro cannon and laser from Vivianne.

II. Ninianne Of The Lake

Ninianne is also a Hydro local boss. It spawns in the sand dune on the northern shore of Elynas. This local opponent deal Crit damage to your characters with powerful with its powerful Water Ground Strike and Whirling Water Punch attacks. Try to evade these attacks to stay safe.

Ninianne Location
Ninianne of the Lake resides on the Northern shore of Elynas.

Tips to beat

To defeat this Hydro boss, you should utilize Hyperbloom and Vaporize team, but there are some changes in the character selections.

  • Hyperbloom team: Nahida, Alhaitham, Zhongli, and Shinobu.
  • Vaporize team: Hu Tao, Zhongli, Xiangling, and Fischl.

Like when countering Vivianne, you also need to bring a healer or shielder to the battlefield. Zhongli is the best option for this role. Apart from Xiangling, Fischl also buffs DMG for the Vaporize team of Hu Tao by triggering the Overload reactions.

How To Defeat Ninianne Of The Lake
Hu Tao's team and Nahida's team are the two most recommended teams to counter Ninianne.

III. Secret Archivements

Both Vivianne & Ninianne of the Lake can be defeated once a day. They will respawn after the server resets. Apart from their boss drops, you also get 10 Primogems from two hidden achievements after defeating these enemies.

  • Vivianne Of The Lake: 5 Primogems.
  • Ninianne Of The Lake: 5 Primogems.

These new bosses drop many materials for weapon ascensions. You need these materials to enhance new weapons in the Hydro nation.

Genshin Impact Vivianne And Ninianne Achievements
Defeat these two enemies to unlock new hidden achievements.

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