Gloo Wall is a unique item in Free Fire and it is no doubt one of the best items to have. It will create a big wall in front of the players that can block bullets. This item can be your lifesaver, especially when you are in an open space. Gloo Wall is also very helpful for saving your teammates.

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Rusher players are the ones who use Gloo Wall the most because they fight constantly. You will often see them having a dozen of Gloo Wall in their backpack just in case. But Gloo Wall is quite a rare item to get so how can they get so many Gloo Wall?

If you are one of those people who have trouble finding Gloo Wall then check out this article. Here, we will show you the 3 easiest ways to get Gloo Wall in Free Fire.

Vending Machine

The Vending Machine is a new feature in Free Fire. Players can exchange tokens to buy different items from the Vending Machine, including weapons, grenades, and Gloo Wall. The Vending Machine spawns randomly on the map.

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War Chest

The War Chest was introduced to Free Fire in the last update. The War Chest will spawn randomly outdoor at the start of a match. The War Chest contains high-tier items and weapons, including the Gloo Wall.

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Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor is a pet in Free Fire that will generate Gloo Wall for you if you have less than 2 Gloo Wall in the backpack. This is one of the hottest pets in Free Fire, especially in Squad. In a Squad, you can just give your teammate all your Gloo Wall and Mr. Waggor will produce it non-stop.

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The Airship

The Airship will fly around on the map randomly and drop items on the ground for players to grab. The location of the air is shown on the map, so you can easily follow it and get some Gloo Wall.


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