Originally released on Steam almost 3 years ago in July 2016, Zombie Night Terror from developer NoClip was undoubtedly a delight to PC players at the time.  As the name suggests, this is a zombie-themed title, but it doesn’t follow the traditional formula where you try to survive against the zombie apocalypse. Instead, the game turn things around and have you control the zombies. Of course, that would mean you have to do everything you can do completely eradicate humanity.

Zombie Night Terror
In this game, you'll control the zombies to destroy humanity

Technically, you don’t actually play as the zombies, but rather direct them to carry out your orders. Think of Zombie Night Terror as Lemmings, but with zombies.

Similar to many other indie games on PC, Zombie Night Terror made its way to Nintendo Switch earlier this year, reigniting interest from players. Also, the game always felt like it would be perfectly suitable for the mobile platform, and now, thanks to developer Plug in Digital, we are finally getting an Android as well as an iOS version of Zombie Night Terror next week.

Zombie Night Terror Mobile Trailer

The studio actually launched a beta test for the game about a month back, and it seems that it went quite well as an official release date has been announced today. For Android users, the game is already up for Early Access on Google Play, so if you are interested, you can head over there to pick it up right now.

Zombie Night Terror Lemmings
It's basically Lemmings, but with zombies

From the listing on the store, Zombie Night Terror will apparently be a premium title with a price of $7.99 (Rs 550). The PC version was pretty well-received, so this is a game you might want to keep an eye out for. It’ll officially launch next week on the 21st.