Do you know that in the vacuum environment, the explosion of a space ship doesn’t make any sound? Humans can’t run faster than the volcanic eruption speed, or than an explosion that is going on. However, we always see completely different versions of wide screens. Of course, we are swindled because such scenes must be inevitable factors to add more effects to movies. Let’s check out what film-makers often deceive us!

1. Racing Cars Are Ready For All Terrains

The Fast and Furious blockbuster franchise has given us a big trick from the very first moments. In all movies of the series, racing cars seem to run on all kinds of terrains, from rivers to mountains, or even fly into the air in a period of time before landing.

Flying Car
A scene of a flying car in the Fast and Furious franchise.

In fact, racing cars are extremely complicated and drivers need to notice lots of factors relating to the surrounding environment. It is also difficult to run them on ordinary roads. To ensure the car chassis isn’t damaged, there is absolutely no manhole covers on that road, or manhole covers must be firmly welded to the road surface. And according to the laws of gravity, no cars can fly in the air in a long time before landing and they can be OK.

2. “You Have Rights To Make A Call.”

This is one of the classic sayings the police in movies often say to the suspect who has just been arrested. The suspect has the right to keep silent, call a lawyer because every word since now will be considered as a piece of evidence before the court.

Police Suspect
The suspect can just call for a lawyer if he is in the US.

The truth turns out to be completely different. First, the suspect can just call for a lawyer if he is in the US. In other countries, England is an example, this law isn’t applied. Second, laws may change depending on various states. In California, when being arrested, the suspect can make up to 03 calls.

3. Jump Into Trash Bins And Still OK

Lots of movies show a scene in which the main character is being chased after and chooses to jump into a trash bin as a way to save his life. However, it seems to be magic that he doesn’t bleed or get hurt.

Trash Bin
Life is not a dream! Don't do this if you don't want to get hurt!

You shouldn’t follow him! Life is not a dream. Jumping from above to anywhere, even to water, must be risky. Besides, no one can ensure what is inside the below trash bin. They may include broken glass, a beer bottle, a light bulb, and many other things that can make you hurt.

4. Knock Out Rival With Just One Punch

In martial arts movies, we often find the main character manages to knock out his rival with just one punch. There are obviously many illegitimate issues here. In the real world, one punch can seldom make someone unconscious.

Furious 7
Don’t believe what you see in movies.

Moreover, even someone is beaten, that doesn’t mean he has lost his consciousness. That man may get a shock in a few seconds, unable to keep fighting, and need to have a rest in some minutes. In short, don’t believe what you see in movies.

5. Always Sit In The Middle Position Of Back Seat

In a car, almost all of the passengers who sit on the back seat tend to choose the position next to the window. However, in a movie, such a position can make audiences unable to determine who the driver is talking to. A good frame must have all characters involved. That’s why we always see characters choose the middle position of the back seat.

Bruce Wilis
A good frame must have all characters involved.

6. Play A Musical Instrument Like A Pro In A Short Time

We sometimes see a young character in a movie take a guitar and only after one or two months, he can play like a pro. This character can even play in choirs without any errors.

In fact, it takes much time and effort to play any musical instrument or train a voice professionally.