Seeing amateur adult movie actresses in 18+ videos always has somethings very triggering. I mean the whole world is heading toward the realistic approach toward everything, and the familiar faces we keep seeing again and again might not be able to give us the most realistic intimating scenes anymore.

In fact, a lot of actors and actresses have expressed that they only act as if they've reached their climax. Hence, we might feel that those scenes are too fake, even though the actions of the performers are very good.

Hence, the amateur ones definitely bring the realistic elements that we're asking for. They look like a normal girl in our daily lives, and it's great to see them acting with the utter first experience making love! Below are the 9 best amateur porn actresses that you can search for on the Internet, and let's get right into the first one:

1. Bryci

Date of Birth: 1985

Bryci is a Canadian adult movie actress that doesn't film much, so you might not see her face too often. She started began her career as a mainstream model in 2009, but then quickly turned into a nude model only one month after. Feel further interested in this industry, she began filming some softcore scenes in 2011, mostly with toys.


Catching up with the pace, she soon invited her husband to perform in hardcore movies with her. Her curvy figures and pretty face are very suitable for the art of sex, but she doesn't shoot much. Bryci has her own website with her name, on which she posts a new video only several times per week. And as non-experienced the beautiful babe are, those videos are the precious treasures that we need to protect.

2. Lucy Cat

Date of Birth: 1994

German adult movie stars always posed their own type of allure, and Lucy Cat is the best one you can find now. With the power and the potential of a young 25 year-old-girl, Lucy Cat has gained a lot of popularity as a famous face on Amateur 18+ site "My Dirty Hobby", and soon open her own website.

Lucy Cat

With a monstrous pair of fake boobs and an incredibly curvy figure, Lucy Cat will become the lustiest cat you can find in the amateur scenes. And when this is only the beginning period of her career, you should precious her videos in this era, since you won't be able to call her an "amateur" soon!

3. Katie Banks

Date of Birth: 1986

Katie Banks has several aliases that you can find on major adult sites, including Katie Evan. The 33-year-old Canadian babe even opened a Youtube channel to upload her first amateur videos, but was brought down due to terms violations.

Katie Banks

She started with softcore and does hardcore since early 2016. Owning vigorous assets, Katie doesn't take long to receive the love from the viewers. She has started filming softcore movies just 3 years ago, and her acting is still very pure. You will mostly see her riding in the cowgirl scenes, and she owns her websites too, which you can have a look for exclusive content.

4. Meana Wolf

Date of Birth: 1986

Mean Wolf has her unique beauty from her mixed-race blood (Asian-Latina), including a smokingly hot body and extremely expressive face. Even though she's not young anymore, her acting still gives us the best experience of a newcomer to the adult entertainment industry. She has done some boobs enhancement now, but that only makes her beauty shine brighter.

Meana Wolf

The Latina bombshell will take you to the ecstasy heaven, where. The most exciting fact about her is that she really likes the incest concept, so you can expect a lot of crazy scenes of her acting as the busty daughter/sister. Her husband is the one running her website, so you can expect the most gorgeous scene of Meana there.

5. Kissa Sins

Date of Birth: 1990

Kissa Sins might be short, but her bottoms are something that you really need to watch out for. The brunette with Italian blood has starred for Brazzers, so we're quite hesitant to put her into this list. However, she hasn't come up with new videos for Brazzers for a while and continues to upload her movies on her own site now, so it's fine.

Kissa's scenes on her site with her partner are mostly amateur, but realistic enough to make it an ever-popular site. In fact, she's the first one nominated for AVN's Best New Starlet with just  only several scenes with her partner. She has sharpened her sucking and bouncing skills so well that many people don't think that this just comes from a non-pro 18+ actress, and will be the perfect meal for your dinner time!

9 Hottest Amateur Adult Movie Actresses 9
Doesn't she look like Marilyn Monroe to you?

6. Lexi Luna

Date of Birth: 1989

Now this one is not the non-experienced kind that you're looking for. In fact, Lexi Luna has a lot of experience with the art of sex, as she was even a sex educator, teaching her friends about the best way to have the most enjoyable experience while making love.

Lexi Luna

Curvy ass, voluptuous bottom and a tiny waist - that's all you can ask for in a woman. Entering the porn industry at her 27, she is considered quite a latecomer. However, her dominance in her porn scenes and her alluring charm in her webcam shows is more than enough for her tens of thousands of fans. I'm very sure that she'll become a pro in no time!

7. Mandy Flores

Date of Birth: 1989

Mandy Flores is really into the art of taboo sex. Owning a perfect friends' mom look with natural huge tits and provocative looks, no men can resist this beautiful brunette. She might open the new concept of mom-next-door at this point, as she always arches her bottoms out to lure you in and will never get out.

Mandy Flores

Previously worked as a model, you can already expect how good her posture is when inviting you to her house. She used to receive orders to make custom videos at her home studio and then uploading on Pornhub for fans to grind with their one-hand searching. She has not gained much recognition for now, but with this pace, it's only a matter of time.

8. Xev Bellringer

Date of Birth: 1988

The true attractive side of Xev Bellringer is that she's not the typical kind of actress to become a porn performer. To he more specific, her body is not scorchingly hot, and she doesn't wear much make-up to get in front of the camera, which means you won't be able to tell that she has quite some experience in the art of intimating. It's just like an ordinary girl that you can come across in real life turns into a nympho on the bed.

Xev Bellringer

This MILF will smack your little pee-pee down with her 34DD-sized breasts like no others, but you can't find much of her boy x girl videos. Xev only has her interest in solo scenes, and they might get boring after a while. But considering how high the quality of her videos is on Pornhub, you might be stuck into this name for a long period.

9. Cherry Crush

Date of Birth: 1991

The last one in this list - Cherry Crush is the one you'll definitely have a crush with. With the dyed hair that covers her beautiful face, a small cute pair of tits and a shy look of an anti-social, Cherry will make every man goes wild when she asks for sex.

Adding the 'cherry' on top, this American babe also has a strong love for video games, so if you're lucky, your whole future life will be full of sex and games! She doesn't film as much as the other actresses in this list, but her amateur beauty shines in every scene she stars.

Cherry Crush

Cherry owns her Youtube channel where she uploads sexy costumes and also her covers, and her alluring voice has attracted nearly 220 subscribers now. But if you need bolder scenes for your fapping material, you can visit her website for the best exclusive scenes there. Good luck!


Above is the list of 9 sexiest amateur adult movie actresses. We hope the best for their career in the future with more videos for us. If you think we've missed your favorite eye candies, don't hesitate to let us know for updates! Enjoy!

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