Although they are just new faces in the adult movie industry in Japan, these AV actresses have managed to win the hearts of global fans. Who are they? Check out the following list!

Nozomi Ishihara

Born in 2001, Nozomi Ishihara started to join the AV industry in June 2020. With her beautiful face, hot body, and charming personality, the young actress has rapidly drawn the attention of netizens and even been known as a new AV goddess.


During the three months in mid-2020, Nozomi Ishihara continuously sat on the first position on charts of the adult platforms. Realizing her huge attraction, many big studios in this industry have kept their eyes on her. And then, Nozomi Ishihara decided to become an exclusive actress of studio Moodyz.

Nozomi 1

Amane Mahina

Amane Mahina was born in 2000 and has joined the entertainment world in May this year. At present, she works as an exclusive actress at S1 and is one of the most-loved talented AV actresses of this company.


With her pure, sweet beauty and sexy body, she rapidly draws huge attention on the Internet. Amane Mahina is known as the new-gen version of Aika Yumeno - another beauty with super large breasts from S1.

Rikka Ono

Rikka Ono was born in 2002. She has just become a member of the adult movie industry in April 2020. She now works as an exclusive AV actress at Moodyz. She is also amongst the youngest AV actresses in this industry.

Rikka 1

Since her first moments, Rikka Ono has made a powerful impression due to her fragile and lovely beauty. She just stands 148 cm tall and her bust - waist - hip measurements are 81 - 58 - 82, respectively.


On the chart of the hottest AV actresses in 2020, Rikka Ono appears in the top-leading positions and becomes as popular as Yua Mikami or Eimi Fukada. Many believe that she will soon become the most-loved new face in 2020 and even take down other talented AV actresses in the upcoming time.

Riri Nanatsumori

Riri Nanatsumori was born in 1995. Since August this year, she has become a newbie at the well-known studio in the AV industry, S1. Like Yua Mikami, she used to be a fashion model in showbiz but then she has suddenly moved to work as an adult actress since mid-2020.


With a beautiful appearance and excellent body, it’s not hard to understand why Riri has received a lot of attention on the Internet. It turns out that she used to work as a fashion model who appeared in many magazines and TV shows. The audience may still remember her old stage name, Suzuka Matsumoto. On Twitter, Suzuka Matsumoto has about 1 lakh followers.

Riri 1

Hibiki Natsume

Born in 1998, Hibiki Natsume is now under the management of Dino Production. She has just joined the adult movie industry in early 2020. She has immediately made a powerful impression due to her outstanding appearance. She is now recognized as the most notable new face in this industry this year.

Hibiki 2

In the beginning, there has been no specific information about this AV actress. The netizens only know her as an “unknown girl”. It is said that Soft on Demand (SOD) applied the trick to attract more attention for this girl. In recent days, SOD has revealed her whole information including her stage name as Hibiki Natsume.


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