Despite all of the Batman adaptations, including the Christopher Nolan trilogy, Matt Reeves' upcoming The Batman, the Batwoman series, and even Joker with his own take on the classic Gotham villain, there are no shortages of ideas for possible movies based on the legendary DC Comics character.

Batman and joker - Imgur
There are Batman movie ideas out there more outlandish than the battle with Joker

This time it was Nic Pizzolatto, the creator of TV show True Detective, who has formulated his own idea for a Batman movie. Although it is a fairly ambitious approach, it is true that it does not stray too far from its original plots. "Batman is the only character in the world I didn't create that I want a shot at, and he's the only piece of geek culture I have any affinity for," Pizzolatto wrote in a post on his social networks.

The writer and creator also took the opportunity to list some of the qualities of the superhero.

"Batman's no-kill policy is valid and should always remain. BUT the policy does not exist because 'killing makes me as bad as them' or some kindergarten bullshit. That never held any water at all. Batman's no-kill policy exists BECAUSE BATMAN'S REAL AND ETERNAL ENEMY IS DEATH. DEATH is his real enemy."

The Reaper | Batman Wiki | Fandom
Batman ran into the Grim Reaper, but he could fight the physical manifestation of Death itself

Pizzolato continued to elaborate his ideas on Batman, referring to the character's story as that of "human Saint turned a life-defining tragedy into the pinnacle of human achievement. " According to the writer, Batman's greatest power is his willpower, and he also dared to venture that "If he had some time to strategize, Batman could credibly defeat God."

Batman's Superpower: | Comics Amino
Batman has already been made extremely powerful before

To wrap up the topic, Damon Lindelof (Watchmen) gave the go-ahead to the proposal that The Caped Crusader face God in a film created by Pizzolatto and encouraged his followers to launch a petition. What do you think? Do we already have enough Batman movies or would you be interested in an approach like the one proposed by the creator of True Detective?

Batman explains how to defeat the Justice League, including ...
He already defeated all of the Justice League on his own, so why not fight God next?

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