A Colombian ad company has recently manufactured a 2-in-1 product amid the Coronavirus pandemic. According to The Associated Press (AP, US), ABC Displays released a cardboard hospital bed with metal railings. It is a unique combination between a hospital bed and a coffin.

Cardboard Hospital Bed

Rodolfo Gómez, as a leader of ABC Displays, said the bed’s design allows users to use it as both a hospital bed and a coffin. This product aims at poor families who can’t afford to buy a coffin for their relatives in the Coronavirus pandemic.

Rodolfo Gómez further said his company has planned to give 10 cardboard hospital beds to those in need.

Coffin Bed Hospital
Here is how ABC Displays manufactures this kind of special bed.

However, there haven’t been any specific detail on whether these products are applied in reality or not.

ABC Displays reveals their products weigh up to 150 kg and they are sold at $85 (about Rs6,400) for each.

The company’s employees are testing the stability of the new-generation bed.

Columbia Coffin Bed

Coffin Bed

Cardboard Coffin
The new-gen cardboard hospital beds seem to make patients more panic whenever they must come to hospitals!

In spite of its high applicability, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic, these cardboard hospital beds are still facing users’ concerns about their stability. According to an unknown doctor, corpses must be kept in a close bag before being placed into a cardboard coffin in a bid to avoid the epidemic outbreak.

In addition, many may not feel happy as their hospital beds have the same meaning as coffins. Even lots of patients possibly tend to become more panic when using such an odd bed.

The data provided by worldometers.info figures out that until May 09, the number of cases of new Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in Columbia has hit 10,051 cases with 428 deaths. There may be a considerable increase of the Coronavirus cases in both Columbia and other countries in the world until scientists find out a vaccine or a helpful measure to prevent this fatal virus.

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