According to a recent source, Warner Bros. has been in search of the new release date for the upcoming spy movie Tenet directed by Christopher Nolan. Along with the latest comeback, the well-known director will keep challenging the audience’s brains by the time inversion concept as in some previous blockbusters including Inception or Interstellar.

Christopher Nolan Tenet
Tenet, as usual, will be another mind-blending movie directed by Christopher Nolan.

While the ongoing pandemic of the Coronavirus has shown no sign of ending across the world, the release dates of lots of blockbusters including Black Widow, Fast & Furious 9, Top Gun: Maverick, or Mulan are postponed. However, the Tenet producers have announced to release this film on 17 July as scheduled.

Collider revealed that Warner Bros. has looked for a new release date for the mind-bending movie Tenet because it will be hard for the cinemas in the United States to work as normal from mid-July as before the epidemic.

In the past, many international newspapers pointed out that Warner Bros. needs to ensure 80-90% of the global cinemas have returned to normal operations if the picture wants Tenet to hit screens as scheduled.

Tenet Christopher
The budget of this fictional blockbuster is estimated at about $200M (Rs1512.6 crore).

In addition, the cinemas, in fact, will have to be open before 17 July in a bid to help the audience recover their habits of buying tickets or coming to the public.

According to Collider, Warner Bros. is seeking a new release date for Christopher Nolan’s new blockbuster. It is obviously hard to conduct this mission while lots of other blockbusters have shifted their release dates from August to December.


Tenet Trailer

In the second official trailer of Tenet available in May, Warner Bros has announced that this movie is going to release but not to mention the 17th date of July. However, the specific details of Tenet have been kept secret from the script to the characters’ names and careers. Even the cast sometimes can’t know what they are performing. Robert Pattison revealed that the movie has such mind-blending twists that the audience may watch it three or four times to catch the true meanings inside.

Dark Horizons states that the pictures may change the release date of Wonder Woman 1984 (14 August) into that of Tenet, or consider releasing the upcoming fictional blockbuster on Christmas Day this year.

If the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, there may be a change in even the release date of Mulan (at the end of July) or Wonder Woman 1984 (in mid-August). And therefore, the Domino effect must take place, leading to other blockbusters once again being postponed.