While May has begun and the world has coped with both the Coronavirus and summer heat, what can be greater than staying at home and updating the latest Bollywood movies like Code Name Abdul Movie 2020? This thriller and crime film must help you dispel the dry heat in the first days of May.

Let’s take a quick look at the Code Name Abdul Movie 2020 with Gurugamer.com to know why this movie should be amongst your first choices!

Code Name Abdul Movie Release Date

The Bollywood movie is written and directed by Esh Gunturu – a popular producer and director who was behind The Last Gamble (2011) and Back Up (2013) movies. The Code Name Abdul movie is produced by Hemangi Shah under the production of Avantika Productions and A Mise en Scene Films Productions.

code name abdul movie 2020
The Code Name Abdul Movie 2020 is directed by Esh Gunturu and produced by Hemangi Shah.

The film has just hit screens in India on 24th April 2020 and thriller film fans can finally satisfy their curiosity with its appealing plots, instead of only watching the first look poster and waiting as they were in the previous time. On September 14 last year, the producers leaked the first look poster featuring an image of Tanishaa Mukerji and other actors in black and white style.

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Code Name Abdul 2020 Cast

The Code name Abdul Movie 2020 promises to make lots of fans jump out of their seats because it isn’t only directed by Eshwar Gunturu but it also is a cinematic product that marks the comeback of actress Tanishaa Mukerji on the silver screens after a long time. Known as a sister of veteran actor Kajol, Tanishaa has been awarded for her NGO, STaMP NGO.

code name abdul movie 2020
Along with this movie is the comeback of Tanishaa Mukerji.

In the newly-released movie, she plays the main lead along with lots of hot stars including Khatera Hakimi, Ashok Chaudhry, Akku Kulhari, and Sumend Wankhade. When being interviewed by IANS, Tanishaa had a little talk about her major role. She also said that she felt so excited about the Code Name Abdul Movie 2020 and hoped that she would have a chance to explore a different part of herself through this movie.

One another thing Bollywood fans may not know is that director Esh Gunturu approached Tanishaa on Facebook and invited her to play the role of Salma. According to Esh Gunturu, he got surprised that the actress had got back and the much greater thing is that she immediately paid the attention to the title of this movie.

code name abdul movie 2020
The first look poster in black and white style.

Code Name Abdul Movie Trailer

The Code Name Abdul Movie Download 2020 revolves around 04 Counter-Intelligence agents at the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) in India. They are assigned a difficult mission to search for a mysterious terrorist.

Whenever mentioning intelligence agents, most of the audience will think about James Bonds or similar characters in the Hollywood world. However, the Code Name Abdul Movie 2020 is something completely different. This movie brings us intelligence agents with pain looks, regular conflicts, and emotions. What makes them different is their sharper minds and exceptional responses.

In regards to the filming locations, it was mainly filmed in New York City because according to the story, the main location of this movie was in the Pennsylvania woods and near a big city. Therefore, New York City is absolutely a good choice.

Code Name Abdul Movie Songs

The soundtrack of the Code Name Abdul movie 2020 is composed by Amar Mohile - an outstanding music composer in the Bollywood. He made series of songs that may get too familiar with music lovers, such as Kick It Bollywood, Punjabi Party, My India, Market in Mumbai, Along the Ganges (A Taste of India), and Dil Ne Dil Ko Pukara (Om). His music products always gain great attention from both film fans and music lovers.

code name abdul movie 2020
One of the images of Ashok Chaudhary as a spy in the Code Name Abdul film.

This time may not be an exception. The Code Name Abdul movie songs must make a strong impression on the audience in India and in the world. As an Espionage thrilling film, the Code Name Abdul’s soundtrack is created with fast and intense tempo, make the audience unable to move eyes out of the widescreen. Once again, the world audience will have a chance to sink themselves in the beauty of Bollywood music.

The Code Name Abdul movie 2020 will be a perfect beginning for anyone in summer 2020. However, you can also try some of the other famous Bollywood movies in the Disha Patani movie list: Top movies you shouldn’t miss, or take a look at Kiara Advani movie list and look forward to her upcoming movies.